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Aspose.3D for Java 20.8 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

THREEDNET-698Added support of importing zipped 3d filesNew Feature
THREEDNET-697Fixed PBR materials with specular was not supported in GLTFEnhancement
THREEDNET-705Added FBX 6.0 import supportEnhancement
THREEDNET-706Added FBX 6.1 import supportEnhancement
THREEDNET-707Added FBX 7.0/7.1 import supportEnhancement
THREEDNET-708Unsupported attributes in FBX are not supported.Enhancement
THREEDNET-703Added FBX 7.7 import supportEnhancement
THREEDNET-704OBJ file with negative element index is not supported.Enhancement
THREEDNET-700Fixed Aspose.3D hangs at parsing incomplete PDF fileBug
THREEDNET-699Fixed Aspose.3D exhaust all memory when parsing some PDF fileBug
THREEDNET-714Aspose.3D takes a lot of memory and CPU to load a GLB fileBug
THREEDNET-715Fixed render the simple mesh(with only normal data) with PBR material was incorrectBug
THREEDNET-711Aspose.3D hangs at importing a FBX file.Bug
THREEDNET-710Rendering is not working under some AMD hardwares.Bug

API changes

This version is mainly a bug fix version, so no code samples.

Added Classes

  • class com.aspose.threed.PbrSpecularMaterial - This is used to represent the specular pbr material, right now only supported in GLTF 2.0.
  • Added class com.Aspose.threed.VertexElementHole - for supporting hole in FBX’s mesh

Added Members

  • Added member to enum type com.aspose.threed.VertexElementType
public static final com.aspose.threed.VertexElementType Hole;
  • Added members to class com.aspose.threed.FileFormat
public static final com.aspose.threed.FileFormat ZIP;

With this new file format support, Aspose.3D can import a zip file that contains a 3D file. Usually you don’t need to manually use this.