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Aspose.3D for Java 22.6 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

THREEDNET-1152Allow save 3D scene without specify the file formatNew Feature
THREEDNET-1157SdfValueBlock is not supported in USDZ importImprovement
THREEDNET-1156GLF Exception: Failed to import glTF, byteOffset is not defined in accessorBug fix
THREEDNET-1154Aspose.ThreeD.ExportException: Spec duplicated while DAE to USDZ conversionBug fix
THREEDNET-1153Exception occurs while saving USDZ to GLTFBug fix

API changes

Added new method to class com.aspose.threed.FileFormat:

     * Gets the preferred file format from the file extension name
     * The extension name should starts with a dot('.').
     * @param extensionName 
    public static FileFormat getFormatByExtension(String extensionName)

You can get a FileFormat instance by extension name, example code:

var scene = new Scene(new Box());
var format = FileFormat.getFormatByExtension(".fbx");
//save the scene to memory stream using FileFormat returned by GetFormatByExtension
var stream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();, format);

Added new method to class com.aspose.threed.Scene:

     * Saves the scene to specified path using specified file format.
     * @param fileName File name.
    public void save(String fileName)
        throws IOException;

The new method allows you to save the scene to a 3D file without providing a file format.

Example code:

var scene = Scene.fromFile("Input.fbx");"Output.usdz);