Aspose.3D for .NET 17.01 Release Notes

Other Improvements and Changes

THREEDNET-227Add support of importing the PLY models.New feature

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

See the list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.3D for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.3D support forum.

Adds a PLY format entry in the Aspose.ThreeD.FileFormat Class

We have added a PLY (Polygon File Format) entry for the importing purposes.

Adds Aspose.ThreeD.Formats.PLY.PlyLoadOptions Class

It specifies load settings to load a PLY model into the Aspose.3D API. This load option class has only a FlipCoordinateSystem property, which also exists in load options classes of other file formats.

Adds Aspose.ThreeD.GlobalTransform Class

The GlobalTransform class provides exactly the same interface like Transform but all its properties are read-only. It is useful for the global transform purposes.

Adds a GlobalTransform property to Aspose.ThreeD.Node Class

It allows to access the node’s global transform. This is useful to transform the scene into the user’s custom file format.

Adds Polygons property to Aspose.ThreeD.Entities.Mesh Class

It allows to get all polygons inside the mesh, each polygon is an array of polygon vertex index. Before this property, we have to use foreach syntax to enumerate each polygon which is inefficient.

Removes CreateStream member from Aspose.ThreeD.Formats.IOConfig Class

This was marked as obsolete in version 16.11.0, the new interface FileSystem was introduced in version 16.11.0 which provides more extensibilities.