Aspose.3D for .NET 18.7 - July 2018

Other Improvements and Changes

THREEDNET-405Add Draco 2.2 import supportNew Feature
THREEDNET-406Add Draco 2.2 export supportNew Feature
THREEDNET-408Import glTF files with draco compressionNew Feature

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

See the list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.3D for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.3D support forum.

API changes

There are two major changes:

  1. Removed some obsoleted classes and methods by schedule, the XXXXConfig classes are all removed, user should use XXXXSaveOptions and XXXXLoadOptions which were introduced in 2016.
  2. File import/export, these changes makes no interface changes.
    1. Google Draco’s import/export support has been updated to the latest version.
    2. Aspose.3D 18.7 Can import glTF 2.0 that enabled draco compression.

Removed class Aspose.ThreeD.Formats.Discreet3DSConfig

Removed class Aspose.ThreeD.Formats.FBXConfig

Removed class Aspose.ThreeD.Formats.ObjConfig

Removed class Aspose.ThreeD.Formats.STLConfig

Removed class Aspose.ThreeD.Formats.Universal3DConfig

3 removed members from class Aspose.ThreeD.A3DObject

         public Aspose.ThreeD.Property CreateDynamicProperty(string propName, System.Type type)

        public Aspose.ThreeD.Property CreateDynamicProperty(string propName)

        public Aspose.ThreeD.Property GetDynamicProperty(string propName)

Use GetProperty/SetProperty instead, GetProperty/SetProperty are added in 17.12.

3 removed members from class Aspose.ThreeD.Animation.Curve:

         public Aspose.ThreeD.Animation.KeyFrame CreateKeyFrame(double time)

        public Aspose.ThreeD.Animation.KeyFrame CreateKeyFrame(double time, float value)

        public Aspose.ThreeD.Animation.KeyFrame CreateKeyFrame(double time, float value, Aspose.ThreeD.Animation.Interpolation interpolation)

Use Add instead , Add is added in 17.9, use Add instead of other name can make use of C#’s collection initializer syntax(

3 members removed from class Aspose.ThreeD.Property:

         public bool HasFlags(Aspose.ThreeD.PropertyFlags f)

        string ExtraData{ get;set;}

        Aspose.ThreeD.PropertyFlags Flags{ get;}

These are marked as obsoleted since 18.2, these are mainly for internal use.

4 methods removed from class Aspose.ThreeD.Scene:

         public void Open(System.IO.Stream stream, Aspose.ThreeD.Formats.IOConfig config)

        public void Open(string fileName, Aspose.ThreeD.Formats.IOConfig config)

        public void Save(System.IO.Stream stream, Aspose.ThreeD.Formats.IOConfig config)

        public void Save(string fileName, Aspose.ThreeD.Formats.IOConfig config)

Since we have XXXXSaveOptions/XXXXLoadOptions to replace XXXXConfig, these methods become useless after removed XXXXConfig.

3 methods removed from class Aspose.ThreeD.Utilities.Quaternion:

         public double GetPitch()

        public double GetYaw()

        public double GetRoll()

These are marked as obsoleted in 18.2, there’s replacement method EulerAngles().

1 property added to class Aspose.ThreeD.Formats.ObjLoadOptions:

         bool NormalizeNormal{ get;set;}

Gets or sets whether to normalize the normal vector during the loading, default value is true.

Sample code:
         Scene scene = new Scene();

        scene.Open("test.obj", new ObjLoadOptions() {NormalizeNormal = false});

This will load the obj file and leave the normal vectors unnormalized, the old version will normalize the normal vectors when obj file loaded.