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Aspose.3D for .NET 19.5 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

THREEDNET-501Integrate with latest Dynabic.MeteredEnhancement
THREEDNET-505Allow change plane’s orientation by specifying an up normalEnhancement
THREEDNET-489Shadow is not working in Vulkan rendererBug
THREEDNET-504Draco created from STL file is brokenBug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

See the list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.3D for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.3D support forum.

Added new property Radius in class Aspose.ThreeD.Entities.Plane

 /// <summary>

/// Gets or sets the up vector of the plane, default value is (0, 1, 0), this affects the generation of the plane

/// </summary>

public Vector3 Up { get; set; }

Sample code to specify radius by property rather than constructor argument:

 Scene scene = new Scene();

scene.RootNode.CreateChildNode(new Plane() {Up = new Vector3(1, 1, 3)});

//This will generate a plane that has customized orientation

scene.Save("test.obj", FileFormat.WavefrontOBJ);

Added new method “GetConsumptionCredit” in class Aspose.ThreeD.Metered

 /// <summary>

/// Gets consumption credit

/// </summary>

/// <returns>consumption quantity</returns>

public static decimal GetConsumptionCredit();

 Gets the consumption credit of current month, used by Dynabic.Metered billing service.