Aspose.3D for .NET 20.12 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

THREEDAPP-54Allow pin UI to 3D space in web rendererNew feature
THREEDAPP-58Some 3D files are black when rendered.Bug fix
THREEDAPP-59FBX with embedded texture cannot be renderedBug fix
THREEDNET-748Improve lighting in web rendererImprovement
THREEDNET-774Specular shading is incorrect for some combination of material.Bug fix
THREEDAPP-59FBX with embedded texture cannot be renderedBug fix
THREEDAPP-57Cannot open large 3D files due to out of memoryBug fix
THREEDNET-775Converting u3d file to html does not workBug fix
THREEDNET-776Aspose.3D crashed when rendering 3D file with more than one lights that can cast shadows.Bug fix
THREEDAPP-60Reduce the size of the renderer binaryImprovement
THREEDNET-777Some collada files will crash aspose.3dBug fix
THREEDNET-778Improved the memory and CPU performance of constructing TriMesh from complex mesh.Improvement
THREEDNET-780Add TriMesh support in OBJNew feature
THREEDNET-779Uploaded 3D DXF cannot be displayed in web renderer.Bug fix
THREEDNET-788Improve PLY file importImprovement
THREEDNET-789Improve compatibility of non 3D vertex in obj fileImprovement
THREEDNET-790STL files exported from Assimp cannot be imported sometimes.Improve
THREEDNET-787PDF file contains complex JS-based 3D control code cannot be parsed.Bug fix
THREEDNET-791Some U3D/PDF files failed to import.Bug fix
THREEDNET-792Some 3MF files cannot be imported.Bug fix
THREEDNET-794Circular reference in DAE file will crash Aspose.3DBug fix
THREEDNET-793Add per-face color support in AMF format.Improvement

API changes

This version fixed a lot of bugs, and reduced a lot of memory footprint while boosting up the TriMesh performance.

There are some interface changes, but these changes will not cause code break.