Aspose.3D for .NET 20.5 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

THREEDNET-664  JT files used LZMA compression are not supported.  Enhancement 
THREEDNET-502  Improve OAP query, add support for Material/AssetInfo/Transform  Enhancement 
THREEDNET-668  Exception on loading DXF file  Bug 
THREEDNET-669  Export repaired mesh to OBJ will fail  Bug 
THREEDNET-670  Node.GetBoundingBox() wrong value.  Bug 
THREEDJAVA-73  Exception on converting 3D file to PNG  Bug 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

  • Changed the signature of SelectSingleObject/SelectObjects from Aspose.ThreeD.Node
 //public Aspose.ThreeD.A3DObject SelectSingleObject(string path)

public object SelectSingleObject(string path)

//public System.Collections.Generic.List<Aspose.ThreeD.A3DObject> SelectObjects(string path)

public System.Collections.Generic.List<object> SelectObjects(string path)

Sample Code

 var scene = new Scene(new Torus());

foreach (BoundingBox bbox in scene.RootNode.SelectObjects("//<BoundingBox>"))


     Console.WriteLine($"Found a bbox : {bbox}");


This is introduced by THREEDNET-502 which can query deeper objects like Material/Texture/AssetInfo/Transform/VertexElements.

  • Fixed a typo in Aspose.ThreeD.Profiles.HShape
 //Old property:

//public double OveralDepth{ get;set;}

//New property

public double OverallDepth{ get;set;}