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Aspose.3D for .NET 24.5 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

THREEDNET-1550Do not allow user to override watermark if there’s already one and protected by passwordImprovement
THREEDNET-1547Cannot import Blender file with nested textureBug fix
THREEDNET-1545Cannot import Blender file with skeletonsBug fix
THREEDNET-1546Cannot import blender with deform animationBug fix
THREEDNET-1544Cannot import blender file through MemoryStreamBug fix
THREEDNET-1541Cannot read compressed vertex color array in JT 9.5 with no quantization enabled.Bug fix
THREEDNET-1542Siemens JT 9.5 - TopoMesh’s compressed LOD data may failed to load in some files.Bug fix
THREEDNET-720Some JT9.5 file cannot be imported correctly.Bug fix

API changes

This release is mainly a bug fixing version which focused on Blender and JT compatibility.

Added members to class Aspose.ThreeD.Scene:

        public const string Version;

Added new field to get the release version of current Aspose.3D assembly.