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If so you can download any of the below versions for testing. The product will function as normal except for an evaluation limitation. At the time of purchase we provide a license file via email that will allow the product to work in its full capacity. If you would also like an evaluation license to test without any restrictions for 30 days, please follow the directions provided here.

Download Aspose.3D Python Library for Gameware and CAD

Please use the following pip command:


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3D Scene Features

  • Create, read, save, import or export a 3D scene.
  • Define metadata for the 3D scene to add asset information.
  • Ability to flip the coordinate system in the supported (3DS, STL, OBJ, & U3D) 3D formats.
  • Convert 3D Mesh into custom binary format.
  • Export 3D Scene to AMF (Compressed) file format.
  • Allows to change the orientation of a 3D Scene.

3D Geometry Features

  • Create 3D Cube Mesh
  • Create normal vectors and UV coordinates
  • Add materials to 3D objects
  • Apply Physical Based Rendering (PBR) Material for efficient and realistic rendering
  • Rotate objects in 3D space using Euler angles, quaternion, & custom transformation matrix.
  • Create the Transformation Matrix by the chain operations.
  • Define logical structure of a 3D scene using node hierarchy.
  • Attach geometries, cameras, & lights to nodes.
  • Share mesh geometry data among multiple nodes.
  • Ability to combine to quaternions to represent orientation in the 3D space.
  • Scale geometry of a specific 3D node or scale geometries of all the nodes of a 3D scene.

3D Animation Features

  • Ability to render the animated scene.
  • Support for keeping the light-camera always facing a specified node. (some supported file formats only.)
  • Perform object animation (key-frame animation).

3D Object Features

  • Build binormal & tangent data in a 3D Model for all the meshes.
  • Convert the single 3D object mesh into a PLY file.
  • Convert a Mesh into a triangle mesh and access its vertices.
  • Convert the following to Mesh:
    • 3D Sphere to Mesh
    • 3D Box to Mesh
    • 3D Plane to Mesh
    • 3D Cylinder to Mesh
    • 3D Torus to Mesh
  • Create a parameterized rectangular torus into the 3D Scene.
  • Create, edit & work with the custom properties of a 3D Scene.
  • Ability to split & merge meshes.
  • Use the X-Path Query syntax to select specific or more objects under the current node.


  • Set the camera & light position.
  • Configure which objects may receive the shadow and which ones may cast the shadow.
  • Supports creating a Fish-eye lens effect.
  • Ability to program the GPU and configure the graphics hardware for 3D rendering.
  • Navigate the camera in the 3D scene and place it at your desired position.
  • Render a panoramic view of the 3D scene and export it to any of the supported conversion formats.

Read & Write 3D File Formats

Autodesk® 3D Studio: 3DS
Google Draco: DRC
MotionBuilder: FBX
3D Models: GLB
Acrobat®: PDF
3D Scanning: PLY
3D Printing: STL

Load 3D File Formats

Microsoft® 3D Builder: 3MF
Autodesk®: ASE
Maya®: MA MB
Siemens® PLM: JT
Pixar®: USD, USDZ
Virtual Reality: VRML
DirectX 3D: X

Save 3D Files AS

Markup: HTML

Please visit Supported File Formats for further details.

System Requirements

Your machine does not need to have modeling and rendering software installed.

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows®: Windows Desktop & Server (x64, x86)
Linux: Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, CentOS, and others
Other: Any operating system (OS) that can install Mono(.NET 4.0 Framework support) or use .NET core.

Target Linux Platform

Runtime Libraries: GCC-6 (or later)
GDI+ API: libgdiplus
.NET Core: Dependencies of .NET Core Runtime. Installing .NET Core Runtime itself is NOT required.
For Python 3.5-3.7: The pymalloc build of Python is needed. The --with-pymalloc Python build option is enabled by default. Typically, the pymalloc build of Python is marked with m suffix in the filename.
Python Library: libpython shared Python library


  • Vulkan x64 platform, x86 is not supported.
  • AMD Radeon 7700 series and newer
  • NVIDIA GeForce 600 series and newer
  • Intel Skylake and newer

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