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Aspose.3D for Python via .NET 22.10 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

THREEDNET-1241Allow import Maya ASCII fileNew Feature

API changes

Added new type aspose.threed.Utilities.RotationOrder

This is used in aspose.threed.utilities.TransformBuilder

Added new methods to class aspose.threed.utilities.TransformBuilder:

        # <summary>
        # Append rotation with specified order
        def rotate_degree(rot : Type[Vector3], order : Type[RotationOrder])

        def rotate_radian(rot : Type[Vector3], order : Type[RotationOrder])

rotate_degree and rotate_radian allows compose a rotation matrix in specified order.

Sample code to rotate in XZY order:

        tb = TransformBuilder()
        tb.rotate_degree(Vector3(10, 20, 30), RotationOrder.XZY)

Added member to class aspose.threed.FileFormat:

        # Autodesk Maya in ASCII format

Aspose.3D supports Maya ASCII format as input format.