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Aspose.BarCode for Android via Java 24.5

All Changes

BARCODENET-38878Detect Unicode charsets for QR barcodesEnhancement
BARCODENET-38930Add support of new QualitySettings structure to DataMatrix barcode engineEnhancement
BARCODENET-38962Fix Reed-Solomon error encoding for DotCode barcodesBug
BARCODENET-38969DotCode is generated with incorrect sizeBug
BARCODENET-38961Fix wide bars width of start stop patterns for Standard2of5 and IATA2of5 encodersBug
BARCODENET-38963QR code recognition test failedBug
BARCODEJAVA-1793BarCodeReader detected unexpected DecodeTypeBug
BARCODEJAVA-1731Unspecified barcode type is recognizedBug
BARCODEJAVA-1871Remove Code128DataPortion constructor from public APIEnhancement
BARCODEJAVA-1859Remove QualitySetting.applyAll method from public APIEnhancement
BARCODEJAVA-1858Remove AustraliaPostSettings constructors from public APIEnhancement
BARCODEJAVA-1857Remove BarcodeSettings constructors from public APIEnhancement
BARCODEJAVA-1856Remove Code128DataPortion.setData method from public APIEnhancement

Public API changes and backwards compatibility


  • Code128DataPortion constructor
  • AustraliaPostSettings constructors
  • method applyAll() in QualitySetting
  • BarcodeSettings constructors
  • method setData(String) in Code128DataPortion