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Aspose.BarCode for Java 17.9 - Release Notes

Features and Improvements

BARCODENET-36678Generates incorrect barcode for DatabarLimitedBug
BARCODENET-36676Generation DatabarExpandedStacked isn’t correctBug
BARCODENET-36666Can’t recognize Pharmacode with AllSupportedTypesBug
BARCODENET-36661Can’t recognize second barcode (DatabarExpandedStacked)Bug
BARCODENET-36660Aspose.Barcodes 17.06 BarCodeReader does not recognize a barcode types on .gif image formatBug
BARCODENET-36659Aspose.BarCode is unable to detect barcode in BMP format image whereas the same is working if in JPEG format imageBug
BARCODENET-36657Generates incorrect barcode for UPCEBug
BARCODENET-36656Incorrect default height of PharmacodeBug
BARCODENET-36655Incorrect recognition type for MacroPdf417 barcodeBug