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Aspose.BarCode for Java 21.4 Release Notes

All Changes

BARCODENET-37755Implement Macro characters decodingEnhancement
BARCODENET-37720Incorrect generation and recognition MicroPDF417Bug
BARCODENET-37721Incorrect generation and recognition MaxiCodeBug
BARCODENET-37722Incorrect generation and recognition MaxiCode single zeroBug
BARCODENET-37757BarcodeGenerator throws exception with AutoSizeMode and FilledBarsBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

  • The minimum version of JDK was established as JDK8
  • Removed interface com.aspose.barcode.IBarCodeControl

A list of classes that moved from com.aspose.barcode to com.aspose.barcode.generation package:

  • Moved enum AztecSymbolMode
  • Moved enum BarCodeImageFormat
  • Moved enum BorderDashStyle
  • Moved enum CodabarChecksumMode
  • Moved enum DataMatrixEncodeMode
  • Moved enum EnableChecksum
  • Moved enum ITF14BorderType
  • Moved enum Pdf417CompactionMode
  • Moved enum Pdf417ErrorLevel
  • Moved enum QRErrorLevel
  • Moved enum QRVersion
  • Moved class ECIEncodings
  • Moved enum QREncodeMode
  • Moved enum QREncodeType
  • Moved class ExtCodetextBuilder
  • Moved class QrExtCodetextBuilder
  • Moved enum DataMatrixEccType
  • Moved enum MacroCharacter