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Aspose.BarCode for PHP via Java 24.6

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  • 26/6/2024


Aspose.BarCode for PHP via Java 24.6 has been released.

File Details

Advanced HanXin Recognition in PHP

Experience improved accuracy when reading HanXin barcodes with Aspose.BarCode for PHP via Java 24.6. This update to the accuracy in barcode processing ensures reliable data extraction.

Empowered Codetext Encoding

Developers can generate more efficient and accurate 2D barcodes with the improved architecture for Codetext encoding in this release of the PHP barcode library.

Greater CODABAR Symbol Control

Obtain greater control over CODABAR barcode START and STOP symbols using the new CodabarExtendedParameters class and methods in Aspose.BarCode for PHP via Java 24.6.

Public API Changes and Backward Compatibility

Added Functions for Codabar Start/Stop for BarCodeResult:

  • Recognition.BarCodeExtendedParameters->getCodabar():CodabarExtendedParameters
  • Recognition.CodabarExtendedParameters->getCodabarStartSymbol():int
  • Recognition.CodabarExtendedParameters->setCodabarStartSymbol(int)

Enhanced Codetext Encoding

Added API Members:

  • field Generation.AztecEncodeMode::BINARY
  • field Generation.AztecEncodeMode::ECI
  • field Generation.AztecEncodeMode::EXTENDED
  • field Generation.DataMatrixEncodeMode::ECI
  • field Generation.DataMatrixEncodeMode::BINARY
  • field Generation.DataMatrixEncodeMode::BASE_256
  • field Generation.DataMatrixEncodeMode::EXTENDED
  • field Generation.DotCodeEncodeMode::ECI
  • field Generation.DotCodeEncodeMode::BINARY
  • field Generation.DotCodeEncodeMode::EXTENDED
  • class Generation.Pdf417EncodeMode
  • field Generation.Pdf417EncodeMode::AUTO
  • field Generation.Pdf417EncodeMode::BINARY
  • field Generation.Pdf417EncodeMode::ECI
  • field Generation.Pdf417EncodeMode::EXTENDED
  • field Generation.MaxiCodeEncodeMode::BINARY
  • field Generation.MaxiCodeEncodeMode::EXTENDED
  • field Generation.MaxiCodeEncodeMode::ECI
  • field Generation.ECIEncodings::GB2312
  • field Generation.ECIEncodings::GBK
  • field Generation.ECIEncodings::GB18030
  • field Generation.ECIEncodings::UTF16LE
  • field Generation.ECIEncodings::UTF32BE
  • field Generation.ECIEncodings::UTF32LE
  • field Generation.ECIEncodings::INVARIANT
  • field Generation.ECIEncodings::BINARY
  • field Generation.QREncodeMode::BINARY
  • field Generation.QREncodeMode::ECI
  • field Generation.QREncodeMode::EXTENDED_CODETEXT
  • field Generation.QREncodeMode::EXTENDED
  • method Generation.BarcodeGenerator->setCodeText(string $value, ?string $encoding)
  • method Generation.Pdf417Parameters->getPdf417EncodeMode():int
  • method Generation.Pdf417Parameters->setPdf417EncodeMode(int $pdf417EncodeMode)

Removed API Members:

  • method Generation.AztecParameters->getCodeTextEncoding():string
  • method Generation.AztecParameters->setCodeTextEncoding(string $codeTextEncoding)
  • method Generation.QrParameters->getCodeTextEncoding():string
  • method Generation.QrParameters->setCodeTextEncoding(string $codeTextEncoding)
  • method Generation.Pdf417Parameters->getCodeTextEncoding():string
  • method Generation.Pdf417Parameters->setCodeTextEncoding(string $codeTextEncoding)
  • method Generation.DataMatrixParameters->getCodeTextEncoding():string
  • method Generation.DataMatrixParameters->setCodeTextEncoding(string $codeTextEncoding)

Deprecated API Members:

  • field Generation.AztecEncodeMode::BYTES
  • field Generation.AztecEncodeMode::EXTENDED_CODETEXT
  • field Generation.DataMatrixEncodeMode::BYTES
  • field Generation.DataMatrixEncodeMode::EXTENDED_CODETEXT
  • field Generation.DotCodeEncodeMode::BYTES
  • field Generation.DotCodeEncodeMode::EXTENDED_CODETEXT
  • field Generation.MaxiCodeEncodeMode::BYTES
  • field Generation.MaxiCodeEncodeMode::EXTENDED_CODETEXT
  • field Generation.QREncodeMode::BYTES
  • field Generation.QREncodeMode::UTF_8_BOM
  • field Generation.QREncodeMode::UTF_16_BEBOM
  • field Generation.QREncodeMode::ECI_ENCODING
  • field Generation.QREncodeMode::EXTENDED_CODETEXT

You can view the list of all new features, enhancements, and bug fixes introduced in this release by visiting Aspose.BarCode for Node.js via Java 24.6 Release Notes.