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If so you can download any of the below versions for testing. The product will function as normal except for an evaluation limitation. At the time of purchase we provide a license file via email that will allow the product to work in its full capacity. If you would also like an evaluation license to test without any restrictions for 30 days, please follow the directions provided here.

Download Aspose.CAD to Render CAD drawings within JasperReports®

A standalone class library to extend JasperReports functionality to process & render CAD Drawings without requiring AutoCAD or any other CAD software. The CAD Class Library allows high quality conversion of DWG, DWT, DWF, DWFX, IFC, PLT, DGN, OBJ, STL, IGES, CF2 files, layouts and layers to PDF & raster image formats. You can easily use aspose-cad-jasperreports for Java directly from a Maven based project by adding following configurations to the pom.xml.

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CAD Drawings JasperReports® Integration Features

  • Easy and Lightweight Deployment - Aspose.CAD for JasperReports is written purely in Java and is provided as a single JAR file that can easily be deployed on the machines running JasperReports or integrated with JasperServer.
  • High Fidelity to Report Design - Aspose.CAD for JasperReports exports reports in such a way that they look identical to reports exported by the built-in exporters of JasperReports.
  • Multipage export - Aspose.CAD for JasperReports supports multipage export to the following formats: GIF, TIFF, PDF.
  • Batch export - Aspose.CAD for JasperReports supports export reports from JasperReports in batch mode. Each page of the report will be saved as a separate file.
  • Export JasperReport to WMF
  • Export JasperReport to SVG
  • Export JasperReport to JPEG2000
  • Export JasperReport to PSD
  • Export JasperReport to TIFF

Supported File Formats

Autodesk®: DXF, DWF, DWFx, IFC, IGES, FBX
MicroStation®: DGN
3D Systems: STL
Wavefront: OBJ
Hewlett-Packard: HPGFL, PCL
Fixed Layout: PDF
Vector: SVG
Other: CF2

System Requirements

  • Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 1.6 or higher.
  • JasperReports 6.3.0 or higher.
  • JasperReports Server 6.3.0 or higher

Direct Download

Aspose.CAD for JasperReports 20.12

It contains Aspose.CAD for JasperReports 20.12 release

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