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Aspose.CAD for Java 20.10 - Release Notes

CADJAVA-886Incorrect export to gdi pdfEnhancement
CADJAVA-882Redundant namespaces on documentationEnhancement
CADJAVA-889Exception in multi-threaded environment on IFC loadedEnhancement
CADJAVA-888Error while converting dwt format to imageEnhancement
CADJAVA-885Drawing of 3D solids is incorrectEnhancement
CADJAVA-881Missing drawing elements when converting DWGEnhancement
CADJAVA-880Bad fonts and too big result fileEnhancement
CADJAVA-853Index was out of range exception when converting DWGEnhancement
CADJAVA-772Cannot open an image. The image file format may be not supported at the moment exception when loading DGNEnhancement
CADJAVA-884Improve custom font folder systemEnhancement