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Aspose.CAD for Java 20.7 - Release Notes

CADJAVA-789An ability to update metadata in .dwg, .dxfFeature
CADJAVA-730Support to detect file format without loadingFeature
CADJAVA-782Implement writing Classes section for Dxf formatEnhancement
CADJAVA-778Implement unit-tests, debuggingEnhancement
CADJAVA-777Implement correct reads from dwg and writing for dxf of SoftPointerEnhancement
CADJAVA-774Unable to read Dwf content: Error on reading hoops object exception when loading DWFEnhancement
CADJAVA-773Aspose.Cad 20.4: Cannot open particular fileEnhancement
CADJAVA-770Implement support reading entities for R11R12 versionsEnhancement
CADJAVA-769Implement tests for R11R12, debuggingEnhancement
CADJAVA-767Code snippet to brush entity uniquely identified on DWG drawing by name or captionEnhancement
CADJAVA-766Fix master buildEnhancement
CADJAVA-738Use Aspose.PDF as a runtime referenceEnhancement
CADJAVA-790Collection of DWG files not properly converted to PDFEnhancement
CADJAVA-788Merge DWF fileEnhancement
CADJAVA-787PLT file is failed to openEnhancement
CADJAVA-785Unable to load dfwx filesEnhancement
CADJAVA-783Aspose.CAD 20.3: Open DWFx localization issueEnhancement
CADJAVA-780Null reference exception when calling UpdateSize();Enhancement
CADJAVA-779Not all lines are rendered when converting cad to pdf or imageEnhancement
CADJAVA-776Can not open DXF file with Aspose.CADEnhancement
CADJAVA-775DXF saved by Aspose.CAD makes AutoCAD 2021 crashEnhancement
CADJAVA-772Cannot open an image. The image file format may be not supported at the moment exception when loading DGNEnhancement
CADJAVA-771Image loading failed: The Dxf version isn’t valid exceptionEnhancement
CADJAVA-768Saving CAD Image causes error in Linux docker container (C# .NET Core)Enhancement
CADJAVA-751Image is improperly rendered in exported PDFEnhancement
CADJAVA-734Image file that is generated from DWF is blurry and the font is overlappingEnhancement
CADJAVA-733After 60 seconds we receive ‘ContextSwitchDeadlock’ exception during Load command using there dfxEnhancement
CADJAVA-725Stackoverflow exception on loading DWGEnhancement
CADJAVA-710“Tolerance” Drawing File -> not visible after image conversionEnhancement
CADJAVA-695Layers are not properly exported in PDFEnhancement
CADJAVA-688ImageLoadException on loading DWGEnhancement
CADJAVA-686Aspose.CAD for java convert pdf endless loopEnhancement
CADJAVA-784Slow rendering performance of APIEnhancement
CADJAVA-786How to choose proper evaluation watermark size?Internal
CADJAVA-739How does Aspose.CAD use Aspose.PDFInternal
CADJAVA-781Investigate and implement correct writing xdata for ACAD_PROXY_ENTITYInternal