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Aspose.CAD for Java 21.11 - Release Notes

CADJAVA-10384Review test results for MTEXT export and related issuesEnhancement
CADJAVA-10383Enrich and unify entities access API for all formatsEnhancement
CADJAVA-10380Fix Cad files rendering issuesEnhancement
CADJAVA-10379Fix performance issues for text export, review results.Enhancement
CADJAVA-10378Investigate issues with VPORT creation and validate coordinate preservationEnhancement
CADJAVA-10376Update etalons after MTEXT modificationsEnhancement
CADJAVA-10375Investigate exceptions and other issues on test runEnhancement
CADJAVA-10374Fix problems with render and placement of composite glyphs, review other problemsEnhancement
CADJAVA-10373Fix text rendern for several cad samplesEnhancement
CADJAVA-10370Continue investigating test errors and fixing themEnhancement
CADJAVA-10369PCL raster data is not exported.Enhancement
CADJAVA-10367Review test results after multithreading fixes in Region exporterEnhancement
CADJAVA-10363Review test results after Solid/Trace and ACI changesEnhancement
CADJAVA-10360Investigate cause of hangups on export to OBJ with cadnet-8223 fileEnhancement
CADJAVA-10358Review test results after new ACI changes and IsViewTop changesEnhancement
CADJAVA-10382“Image export failed. The given key ‘continuous’ was not present in the dictionary.” exception when rendering DXF to HTMLEnhancement
CADJAVA-10381“Image loading failed: Cannot process loading further due to incorrect file format structure.” exception when open DWG fileEnhancement
CADJAVA-10377Missing Text block after conversion from DWG fileEnhancement
CADJAVA-10372Autocad Rendering IssueEnhancement
CADJAVA-10364UpdateSize produces wrong size for specific DWG documentEnhancement
CADJAVA-10362Polyline not converted from DXFEnhancement
CADJAVA-10361Solid not filled on left viewEnhancement
CADJAVA-10359Regression: Filling of 4-sided SOLID entitiesEnhancement
CADJAVA-564Dwg not properly converted to PDFEnhancement
CADJAVA-10371Missing attributes in CadImage entityEnhancement
CADJAVA-10366Detect optimal zoom automatically for CAD drawingsFeature
CADJAVA-10368Investigating performance issues of dwg parserInternal
CADJAVA-10365Investigating performance issues of CadApsExporterInternal