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Aspose.CAD for Java 22.12 - Release Notes

CADJAVA-10883Extra empty sheets appear at exportEnhancement
CADJAVA-10877DXF to PDF Conversion ErrorEnhancement
CADJAVA-10867Read IFC metadataEnhancement
CADJAVA-10866Add support for MTEXT fonts in line for SHXEnhancement
CADJAVA-10859Add tolerance symbols for SHX supportEnhancement
CADJAVA-10858Aspose.CAD throwing exception in Docker Container for windowsEnhancement
CADJAVA-10856DXF -> JPEG ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionEnhancement
CADJAVA-10781File rendering hangs and memory load is largeEnhancement
CADJAVA-10875Implement writing properties of Solid3D and CadAcDbPersSubentManager objectsFeature
CADJAVA-10872Implement reading and writing properties of ACAD_EVALUATION_GRAPH and ACSH_SWEEP_CLASS objectsFeature
CADJAVA-10869Implement writing properties of CadAlignedDimension and CadRotatedDimension objectsFeature
CADJAVA-10864Add writing objects from non-default block tablesFeature
CADJAVA-10857Fix writing BlockControl, DimStyle, DimStyleControl and Layout objectsFeature
CADJAVA-10855Implement writing properties of CadDimensionOrdinate objectFeature
CADJAVA-10854Implement writing properties of CadRadialDimension and CadDiametricDimension objectsFeature
CADJAVA-10853Implement writing properties of CadDimAssoc and CadDiametricDimension objectsFeature