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Aspose.CAD for Java 23.3 - Release Notes

CADJAVA-11030Support SHX for attributesEnhancement
CADJAVA-11028Aspose.Cad not finding pages within DWFX fileEnhancement
CADJAVA-11027SHX font changesEnhancement
CADJAVA-11026The PDF has thick lines and serious distortion (SHX)Enhancement
CADJAVA-11018Fix viewport frames issue in CADEnhancement
CADJAVA-11016Implement SHX support for ACAD_PROXYEnhancement
CADJAVA-11012Fix reading of frozen viewport layers for DWGEnhancement
CADJAVA-11011Fix DWF viewports positioningEnhancement
CADJAVA-11010Font name for text primitives in ACAD_PROXY is nullEnhancement
CADJAVA-10797Error during PDF export … is nullEnhancement
CADJAVA-11033SVG to DXF conversionInternal