Aspose.CAD for Java 23.5 - Release Notes

CADJAVA-11115Incorrect file format determination for IFC fileEnhancement
CADJAVA-11106Add loading from file dialogEnhancement
CADJAVA-11104Excessive line on export from DXF to FBXEnhancement
CADJAVA-11102Fix publishing issues for Windows/LinuxEnhancement
CADJAVA-11098DWG failed to loadEnhancement
CADJAVA-11096Aspose.CAD 23.3: Converting a certain dwg drawing to pdf produces empty documentEnhancement
CADJAVA-11091Fix DashPattern scaling, fix absolute to relative DashPattern transform, fix pre-transform scaling ratioEnhancement
CADJAVA-11086Issues with DWG from IRONCADEnhancement
CADJAVA-11085Modify the image size processing for PDFEnhancement
CADJAVA-11101Implement writing properties of CadViewportHeader and CadViewTableObject objectsFeature
CADJAVA-11099Implement writing properties of the CadUcsTableObject objectFeature
CADJAVA-11093Implement writing properties of CadMultiLine and CadSpline objectsFeature