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Aspose.CAD for .NET 20.9 - Release Notes

CADNET-630Create PDF from LayoutFeature
CADNET-1211Implement internal mechanism to put watermark on drawing for PDF exportEnhancement
CADNET-1181Aspose.CAD 20.7: Loading particular DWF document raises exceptionEnhancement
CADNET-1179Investigate empty acds for 3D vertex entitiesEnhancement
CADNET-1165Dxf, editing entities (line, ellipse, arc, circle, xline, ray, 3dface)Enhancement
CADNET-1108Unable to read Dwf content: Error on reading hoops object exception when loading DWFEnhancement
CADNET-1209Conflict when using Aspose.Imaging and Aspose.CAD in same applicationEnhancement
CADNET-1187DWF files with multiple internal formats are only partially presented.Enhancement
CADNET-1186Some 3D DWF files are rendered incorrectly.Enhancement
CADNET-1183DWG to PDF conversion hangsEnhancement
CADNET-1173Exception on loading the license fileEnhancement
CADNET-1172Exception on loading DXFEnhancement
CADNET-1170Replacing the default font doesn’t work on LinuxEnhancement
CADNET-1160Lines are missing in exported PDFEnhancement
CADNET-1156Exception on loading DWG filesEnhancement
CADNET-1155DWG - Image export failed. Parameter is not validEnhancement
CADNET-1118Index was out of range exception when converting DWGEnhancement
CADNET-1117ImageLoadException in .NET SDK static web appEnhancement
CADNET-1113Cannot open an image. The image file format may be not supported at the moment exception when loading DGNEnhancement
CADNET-1097Same result when converting drawing to SVG with different default fonts on LinuxEnhancement
CADNET-1095Aspose.CAD 20.3: Changes in the library API and behaviorEnhancement
CADNET-1028Aspose.CAD.CadExceptions.ImageLoadException while loading DXF fileEnhancement
CADNET-1214DWG to PDF: Text is thicker, overlapping and not clearEnhancement
CADNET-1174Several CadTexts on AutoCad couldn’t be foundEnhancement
CADNET-790Adding and removing images inside DXFEnhancement