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Aspose.CAD for .NET 21.4 - Release Notes

CADNET-8052Parameter is not valid exception on creating Images from DXFEnhancement
CADNET-8048Optimizing Cad2DPoint, Cad3dPoint and CadSizeEnhancement
CADNET-1188Reducing memory usage dwg/dxfEnhancement
CADNET-845There is no creation of the new object CadData in some constructors of BitThickness and BitThicknessR13R14 classes.Enhancement
CADNET-1361“Image export failed. Parameter is not valid.” exception when rendering to HTML DWF fileEnhancement
CADNET-1348Saving DXF file result in CadText and CadMText elements getting changedEnhancement
CADNET-1114Cannot open an image. The image file format may be not supported at the moment exception when loading IFCEnhancement
CADNET-8046Quality of PDF is not good as compare to other toolsEnhancement
CADNET-1363Improve rendering performance for files without headerEnhancement
CADNET-1340Quality of exported DWG is compromised on setting RasterizationQualityEnhancement
CADNET-1353Setting text related properties for text inside the DWG/DXGInternal
CADNET-1351Drawing CAD Rectangle and Base Entities dataInternal
CADNET-1349Drawing polygons by list of coordinates and SRIDInternal
CADNET-8045Optimizing Cad2DPoint, Cad3dPoint and CadSizeFeature
CADNET-1276Optimizing memory consumptionEnhancement