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Aspose.CAD for .NET 22.12 - Release Notes

CADNET-8909DXF -> JPEG ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionEnhancement
CADNET-8902Aspose.CAD throwing exception in Docker Container for windowsEnhancement
CADNET-8901Add tolerance symbols for SHX supportEnhancement
CADNET-8896Missing lines during DWG ->PDFEnhancement
CADNET-8880Converting complex dwg to pdfEnhancement
CADNET-8879Add support for MTEXT fonts in line for SHXEnhancement
CADNET-8860The file ‘Campus All.dxf’ (test CADNET-1021) is exported incorrectly after the changes made when solving the CADNET-8713 problem.Enhancement
CADNET-8853DXF to PDF Conversion ErrorEnhancement
CADNET-8820DWG to PDF Missing LogoEnhancement
CADNET-8799MicroStation to PDF discrepanciesEnhancement
CADNET-8734GetLayerName function ‘~’ to ‘_’ issuesEnhancement
CADNET-1185File rendering hangs and memory load is largeEnhancement
CADNET-8917Implement writing properties of CadDimAssoc and CadDiametricDimension objectsFeature
CADNET-8913Implement writing properties of CadRadialDimension and CadDiametricDimension objectsFeature
CADNET-8910Implement writing properties of CadDimensionOrdinate objectFeature
CADNET-8856Implement writing properties of Mesh and Solid objectsFeature
CADNET-8846Implement writing properties of CadText and CadMText objectsFeature
CADNET-8845Implement writing properties of Cad3DFace and CadPoint objectsFeature
CADNET-8838Implement writing properties of CadWipeout and CadWipeoutVariables objectsFeature
CADNET-8834Implement writing properties of CadRay and CadXLine objectsFeature
CADNET-8826Implement reading and writing of the CadRapidRtRenderSettings objectFeature
CADNET-8824Implement writing properties of CadPolygonMesh and CadPolygonMeshVertex objectsFeature
CADNET-8819Implement writing properties of CadPolyFaceMesh and CadFaceRecord objectsFeature