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Aspose.CAD for .NET 22.9 - Release Notes

CADNET-8817Wrongly exported hungarian special characters from DWG to PDFEnhancement
CADNET-8816DWG TO PDF OutOfMemoryErrorEnhancement
CADNET-8690Rework AntihackNamespaceDefEnhancement
CADNET-8687ImageLoadException on method CadImage.load(filePath) on java 1.7Enhancement
CADNET-8677Empty DWG export resultEnhancement
CADNET-8658Update WMF maximum image sizeEnhancement
CADNET-8652Getting ImageSaveException on macosEnhancement
CADNET-8648Improve sensitivity of scene movingEnhancement
CADNET-8646Check what is needed to implement font loading from DWFXEnhancement
CADNET-8643Abandon .NET Framework 2.0, 3.5, 4.0, 3.5CP, 4.0CPEnhancement
CADNET-8512Complete fixes of DXF writing and font cacheEnhancement
CADNET-8462Update common Layers and Layouts APIEnhancement
CADNET-8429Review results of ACI and view matrix changes.Enhancement
CADNET-8342Fix triangulation issue for 3D pipelineEnhancement
CADNET-8645Fix searching for duplicate sequences for cases with long compression offsetFeature
CADNET-8534Fix MTEXT alignmentFeature