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Aspose.CAD for .NET 23.10 - Release Notes

CADNET-9371Consider export of dynamic dimensionsEnhancement
CADNET-9361Export of separate layouts to TIFFEnhancement
CADNET-9352Image.Load ErrorEnhancement
CADNET-9341Implement parsing for FBX 7700Enhancement
CADNET-9323Getter and setter for arrow size in dimensionEnhancement
CADNET-9313Analyze the size of the PDF content after conversion and decrease it if possibleEnhancement
CADNET-9240Bugs encountered during CAD conversion of PDFEnhancement
CADNET-9025Exception throws when opening PLT documentEnhancement
CADNET-8930Converting DWF -> PDF StartIndex cannot be less than zero. (Parameter ‘startIndex’)Enhancement
CADNET-8909DXF -> JPEG ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionEnhancement
CADNET-8896Missing lines during DWG ->PDFEnhancement
CADNET-8835.NET 4.6.1 runtime errror because of missing encodingEnhancement
CADNET-8097Implement GLTF/GLB format supportEnhancement
CADNET-9280OBJ to DXF conversion issueEnhancement
CADNET-9279OBJ to PDF conversion issueEnhancement
CADNET-9275OBJ to PNG conversion issueEnhancement
CADNET-9172STL to DXF conversionEnhancement
CADNET-9171DWG to 3DS issueEnhancement
CADNET-9170FBX to DXF conversion issueEnhancement
CADNET-9166DWFX to 3Ds conversionEnhancement
CADNET-9165OBJ to STP conversion issueEnhancement
CADNET-9163FBX to DXF conversion issueEnhancement
CADNET-9162IFC to 3DS conversion issueEnhancement
CADNET-341Support for saving DWG fileFeature
CADNET-70Modify CAD drawings and save contents backFeature
CADNET-14Convert/Export images to DWG file formates [.Net]Feature