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Aspose.CAD for .NET 23.2 - Release Notes

CADNET-8939Compose documentation for PythonEnhancement
CADNET-8936Forum support (03/04 weeks 2023)Enhancement
CADNET-8928DXF Export corruptEnhancement
CADNET-8927Fix minor render problemsEnhancement
CADNET-8918Forum support (01/02 weeks 2023)Enhancement
CADNET-8883Check minor problems found during etalon updateEnhancement
CADNET-8857Evaluate suggested solutions to improve clip processing by Aspose.DrawingEnhancement
CADNET-8814Update etalons after Drawing update and comparer fixingEnhancement
CADNET-8812Forum support (weeks 40 - 41)Enhancement
CADNET-8801PLT files that can’t be convertedEnhancement
CADNET-8791New exception when saving to DXFEnhancement
CADNET-8786Unify DimensionFromScratch approaches to different dimensionsEnhancement
CADNET-8772Revisit CADNET 8727 solutionEnhancement
CADNET-8745Adopt STL to new 3D export and viewerEnhancement
CADNET-8743Failing to save DWG as JPG in Azure FunctionEnhancement
CADNET-8726Complete Blackbox reviewEnhancement
CADNET-8673Investigate and fix R12 DWG renderEnhancement
CADNET-8618Solving the problem of throwing an exception and memory leak for an example attached to the problem.Enhancement
CADNET-8475Complete fixing errors, mainly xdata writing and linewidthEnhancement
CADNET-8808Specific DWF file rendered incorrectly to image/SVGEnhancement
CADNET-8807Black square is rendered instead of drawing when converting DWFEnhancement
CADNET-8788Image loading failed exception when opening DWG in the app targeting netcoreapp3.1Enhancement
CADNET-8787PageWidth and PageHeight settings are ignored when converting DWG to PDFEnhancement
CADNET-8770Exception when saving to DXFEnhancement
CADNET-8766Missing content on paper space pages of DXF and DWG when rendering to rasterEnhancement
CADNET-8765Missing dashed lines when rendering to rasterEnhancement
CADNET-8650Aspose.CAD v22.4: IFC files are rendering as black image result in LinuxEnhancement
CADNET-8477Images rendered wrong with different flag values of UpdateSize values.Enhancement
CADNET-8937Explore and implement reading of ArcLength and Jogged dimension objectsFeature
CADNET-8923Implement writing properties of CadAngularDimension and Cad2LineAngularDimension objectsFeature