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Aspose.CAD for .NET 23.3 - Release Notes

CADNET-8979User watermark is not displayedEnhancement
CADNET-8973Font name for text primitives in ACAD_PROXY is nullEnhancement
CADNET-8972Fix DWF viewports positioningEnhancement
CADNET-8971Fix reading of frozen viewport layers for DWGEnhancement
CADNET-8969Error converting DWFx (online viewer)Enhancement
CADNET-8966Implement SHX support for ACAD_PROXYEnhancement
CADNET-8954Aspose.CAD 22.12: Is it possible to target net40Enhancement
CADNET-8953Add basic saving without optionsEnhancement
CADNET-8935After converting some special characters in CAD drawings to PDF are garbledEnhancement
CADNET-8932The font becomes wider, beyond the text and beyond the border of the tableEnhancement
CADNET-8931The PDF has thick lines and serious distortion (SHX)Enhancement
CADNET-8926SHX font changesEnhancement
CADNET-8912Support SHX for attributesEnhancement
CADNET-4Convert OBJ drawing to ApsScene3DEnhancement
CADNET-8987Implement writing properties of CadAttDef and CadAttrib objectsFeature
CADNET-8977Implement writing properties of the MINSERT objectFeature
CADNET-8967Implement writing properties of the CadInsertObject objectFeature
CADNET-8946Implement writing properties of CadArcLengthDimension and CadJoggedDimension objects.Feature
CADNET-8226SVG to DXF conversionInternal