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Aspose.CAD for .NET 23.5 - Release Notes

CADNET-9091Modify the image size processing for PDFEnhancement
CADNET-9089Issues with DWG from IRONCADEnhancement
CADNET-9073Fix DashPattern scaling, fix absolute to relative DashPattern transform, fix pre-transform scaling ratioEnhancement
CADNET-9063Aspose.CAD 23.3: Converting a certain dwg drawing to pdf produces empty documentEnhancement
CADNET-9059DWG failed to loadEnhancement
CADNET-9050Set sensitivity from formEnhancement
CADNET-9049Excessive line on export from DXF to FBXEnhancement
CADNET-9045Fix issue with export of some DWG files.Enhancement
CADNET-9029Save file to DWG with custom propertiesEnhancement
CADNET-9009Incorrect file format determination for IFC fileEnhancement
CADNET-8930Converting DWF -> PDF StartIndex cannot be less than zero. (Parameter ‘startIndex’)Enhancement
CADNET-8925Aspose.Cad not finding pages within DWFX fileEnhancement
CADNET-9068Implement writing properties of CadMultiLine and CadSpline objectsFeature
CADNET-9057Implement writing properties of the CadUcsTableObject objectFeature
CADNET-9048Implement writing properties of CadViewportHeader and CadViewTableObject objectsFeature