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Aspose.CAD for .NET 23.6 - Release Notes

CADNET-9202Saving to OBJ produces additional linesEnhancement
CADNET-9182DGN reading failureEnhancement
CADNET-9135Fix problem with resolution of block referencesEnhancement
CADNET-9122Improve export to OBJEnhancement
CADNET-9064Exception “file format not supported” thrown while loading pcl files.Enhancement
CADNET-9060Garbled SHX characters when converting to PDFEnhancement
CADNET-9039BUG: MText.FullClearTextEnhancement
CADNET-9032Enrich file formats with metadata about input/output applicabilityEnhancement
CADNET-9006Null reference when applying SHXEnhancement
CADNET-8994Export IfcOpeningElementEnhancement
CADNET-8817Wrongly exported hungarian special characters from DWG to PDFEnhancement
CADNET-9227Exception throws when opening DWF documentEnhancement
CADNET-9226DWF document is rendered in vertical orientation that is not correctEnhancement
CADNET-9194IFC to PDF conversion issueEnhancement
CADNET-9141Implement reading properties of SOLID_BACKGROUND and GRADIENT_BACKGROUND objectsFeature
CADNET-9114Implement writing the properties of the CadPlaneSurface objectFeature
CADNET-9099Implement writing properties of CadDwfUnderlay and CadDwfDefinition objectsFeature
CADNET-9090Implement writing properties of CadPdfUnderlay and CadPdfDefinition objectsFeature
CADNET-819Support CGM formatFeature