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Aspose.CAD for .NET 23.8 - Release Notes

CADNET-9256Add support eModel interface for DwfX format.Enhancement
CADNET-9255Improve U3D format writer for supporting LineSet and mesh objectsEnhancement
CADNET-9253Print Reference With PythonEnhancement
CADNET-9247Implement U3D format LineSet writerEnhancement
CADNET-9243Error converting to dwg version, unable to openEnhancement
CADNET-9242Support different entities for DXF 2018Enhancement
CADNET-9235Implement U3D format Line Set block typeEnhancement
CADNET-9175Implement export to U3DEnhancement
CADNET-8911Concurrently converting several DXF filesEnhancement
CADNET-9298Exception is thrown when try to save DGN document as SVGEnhancement