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Aspose.CAD for .NET 24.6 - Release Notes

CADNET-9814After modifying the dwg file, the export cannot be opened with auto cad 2019Enhancement
CADNET-9790Complete MTEXT renderer port and review test resultsEnhancement
CADNET-9784High memory consumption for DWG to PNG exportEnhancement
CADNET-9783How to add or replace bitmap images in CAD .NET and save back to DXFEnhancement
CADNET-9775Fix problems with recombined optionsEnhancement
CADNET-9773Integrate new MTEXT rendererEnhancement
CADNET-9772Exception for DWG to PDF - “Index was outside the bounds of the array”Enhancement
CADNET-9753Parse STP predefined colorsEnhancement
CADNET-9743Implement support for default font in per-char font fallback system.Enhancement
CADNET-9742Implement export of current DXF exporter modules to Cad2Imaging projectEnhancement
CADNET-9740Creating DWG with polyline throws exceptionEnhancement
CADNET-9737Chinese symbol is replacedEnhancement
CADNET-9736DWG to DXF can not be opened and result is incorrectEnhancement
CADNET-9734Flipped MLeaders after DWG to PDF exportEnhancement
CADNET-9712Add reading and writing for the required remaining sectionsEnhancement
CADNET-9706DWG to DXF without options produces incorrect fileEnhancement
CADNET-9792Exception during IFC to STP conversionEnhancement
CADNET-9767Exception during IFC to STP conversion issueEnhancement
CADNET-9766Exception during FBX to STP conversionEnhancement
CADNET-9193IGS to BMP conversion issueEnhancement
CADNET-8245Hidden lines not removed when DXF converted to PDFEnhancement