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Aspose.CAD for Python 24.3.0 Release Notes

CADPYTHON-129[DWG] Hang on SaveEnhancement
CADPYTHON-127When converting dwf files to pdf in parallel, it throws ImageLoadException exceptionEnhancement
CADPYTHON-126Aspose.CAD 23.10: Saving a particular DWG document to PDF never completesEnhancement
CADPYTHON-125TTF font is detected incorrectly when combined with SHXEnhancement
CADPYTHON-123blind watermark support for CGM and FBXEnhancement
CADPYTHON-122Image.load hangs on dwg fileEnhancement
CADPYTHON-119Colors after DWF -> PDF are not correctEnhancement
CADPYTHON-118DWG metadata update is not persistedEnhancement
CADPYTHON-114The try to save DWF document as SVG breaks Aspose.Tasks library functionalityEnhancement
CADPYTHON-113Dwg file loading failureEnhancement
CADPYTHON-112DWG to PDF export error (Ubuntu)Enhancement
CADPYTHON-110OBJ to OBJ conversionEnhancement
CADPYTHON-109Correction of the compression process of the LZ77 algorithmEnhancement
CADPYTHON-108Linearize text in DXFEnhancement
CADPYTHON-107Add a polyline - issueEnhancement
CADPYTHON-106Complete FBX watermark, implement CGM watermark.Enhancement
CADPYTHON-105Colored tiff not generate of ?.DXF? fileEnhancement
CADPYTHON-104Detection of the “default” layout for DWGEnhancement
CADPYTHON-100Correct writing of Handle section dataEnhancement
CADPYTHON-99Export to Dicom failed (any input)Enhancement
CADPYTHON-98Fix the sorting order of objects for writing the AcDbObjects sectionEnhancement
CADPYTHON-92Implement polygon planarity check and triangulation bailout conditionEnhancement
CADPYTHON-89Aspose.CAD Can not convert specific ifc fileEnhancement
CADPYTHON-85GetFileFormat for DWF returns PLTEnhancement
CADPYTHON-84Improve DWG R13 readingEnhancement
CADPYTHON-128Parse STP format relationship information for proper rendering of assembliesEnhancement
CADPYTHON-102Aspose.CAD 24.1: DWG to PDF conversion - blank outputEnhancement


The first release of the product supports the following features:

  • Easy and Lightweight Deployment - Aspose.CAD for Python is written as a Python wrapper on .NET core package and is provided as a single WHL file that can easily be deployed on the machines running Python.
  • High Fidelity to Report Design - Aspose.CAD for Python exports reports in such a way that they look identical to reports exported by the built-in exporters of Python.
  • Multipage export - Aspose.CAD for Python supports multipage export to the following formats: SVG, WMF, EMF, PDF, BMP, GIF, JPEG(JPG), PNG, JPPEG2000(J2K), PSD, WEBP, DICOM, TIFF(TIF).
  • Batch export - Aspose.CAD for Python supports export reports from Python in batch mode. Each page of the report will be saved as a separate file.

Usage Examples

import aspose.cad as cad

cadImage = cad.image.load("drawing.dxf");

rasterizationOptions = cad.CadRasterizationOptions();
pdfOptions = cad.PdfOptions();

cadImage.Save("output.pdf", pdfOptions);