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Aspose.Cells for Android via Java 17.9 Release Notes

CELLSJAVA-42356Add a property to indicate whether to output an empty page or not when there is nothing to printNew Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42322Support Advanced Filter (MS Excel) feature to display records that meet a complex criteriaNew Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42391Cell width shown in the resulted PDF is not the same as in the Excel file when using the “Show formula” featureNew Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42379Implementing Named Destination when rendering to PDF output (Bookmark query)New Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42336ResultSet imports zero instead of null value in XLSX fileEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42321CellsHelper.setSignificantDigits() should not be (global) static functionEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42341InterruptMonitor takes more time to interrupt the Workbook saving process for a large file having PivotTableEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42358Formula is not displayed in the resulted PDFEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42351WEEKDAY formula returns wrong value on workbook formula calculationEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42401Have to enumerate all shapes to set the Z-Order of the shape properlyEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42368Set name of ActiveX Control (ListBox)Enhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42308PivotTable issues(missing rows, pivot field headers printed twice, Date converted to numeric values, etc.) for HTML renderingBug 
CELLSJAVA-42298Extra characters present in HTML output of Excel fileBug 
CELLSJAVA-42277Image does not get displayed in the output HTML when HtmlSaveOptions.setExportHiddenWorksheet is set to falseBug 
CELLSJAVA-42259HTML could not be converted to Excel file properlyBug 
CELLSJAVA-42256Issue with HTML table to Excel renderingBug 
CELLSJAVA-42319Issue with calculating Print Area when specifying formulasBug 
CELLSJAVA-42320Chart does not get updated if it exists in separate sheetBug 
CELLSJAVA-42295Cell value is appended at the start when we click on an existing cell (having some value)Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42325When XLSX is saved as PDF, the words are mirroredBug 
CELLSJAVA-42299Extra characters present in output PDF/image of Excel fileBug 
CELLSJAVA-42301Bars are missing in Bar chart’s PDF outputBug 
CELLSJAVA-42293Chart image is wrong in the output HTMLBug 
CELLSJAVA-42292Image of the chart is incorrect in the output HTMLBug 
CELLSJAVA-42270Content is missing when Excel Chart is converted to PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42258Chart’s PDF has wrong date format of x-axis labelsBug 
CELLSJAVA-42252Incorrect Y-axis scaling in the output PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42245Style/formatting is wrong when save to HTMLBug 
CELLSJAVA-42316Option to compress images is not preserved on opening and saving the Excel fileBug 
CELLSJAVA-42306Background color of cells in File2 gets changed on opening and saving WorkbookBug 
CELLSJAVA-42305Background color of cells in File1 gets changed on opening and saving WorkbookBug 
CELLSJAVA-42303Excel formula cell becomes non-formula cell when setting text for the shapeBug 
CELLSJAVA-42284Workbook.getFonts() shows additional font after reloading the same spreadsheetBug 
CELLSJAVA-42327Some shapes are distorted and changed in Excel to PDF renderingBug 
CELLSJAVA-42290Mdashes and ndashes inserted into TextBoxes in charts are not rendered properly in chart’s PDFBug 
CELLSJAVA-42338Wrong results when using SUMIFS formulasBug 
CELLSJAVA-42337Aspose.Cells is unable to calculate the value of cell B4 of Calculations worksheetBug 
CELLSJAVA-42330Weird result when converting from Excel to PDF or PDF/A using threadsBug 
CELLSJAVA-42331Changes to comment author field are not preserved Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42328Wrong IconSet returned Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42324Chart’s background is missing after setting a picture’s dataBug 
CELLSJAVA-42332Aspose.Cells is not able to convert the HTML file correctly while MS-Excel is able to convert it properlyBug 
CELLSJAVA-42355For Number 39 MS Excel formats negative value with ‘-’ instead of ‘()’ for ItalyBug 
CELLSJAVA-42350Label text is displaced for the Pie chartBug 
CELLSJAVA-42343Various styles of the Waterfall chart don’t render properly.Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42342The Waterfall chart always shows connection lines Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42352Shape is not updated with correct valueBug 
CELLSJAVA-42349Excel to PDF conversion hanged for an XLSX fileBug 
CELLSJAVA-42348Unable to import XLSB file (by Aspose.Cells APIs) into MS-Access databaseBug 
CELLSJAVA-42369HTML output of Excel document contains hash values instead of actual valuesBug 
CELLSJAVA-42366Saving “2.2 CompleteEmail.html” to Xlsx format generates corrupt fileBug 
CELLSJAVA-42365Loading “2.1 CompleteEmail.html” in Workbook object throws NullPointerExceptionBug 
CELLSJAVA-42381Workbook Calculation is wrong for Lookup Excel formulaBug 
CELLSJAVA-42380Array formula in the sheet is calculated differently via Aspose.CellsBug 
CELLSJAVA-42370Incorrect Hyperlinks and PDF contentBug 
CELLSJAVA-42395Rendering - Chart image is not correctBug 
CELLSJAVA-42393Category axis labels are missing when converting Excel to PdfBug 
CELLSJAVA-42384Color of Negative Bars is not correct when Excel is converted to PdfBug 
CELLSJAVA-42378Bar color changed while converting Excel to PDF when using setCrossAt()Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42377Value of major units of axis in the chart is returned wrongBug 
CELLSJAVA-42364Datalabels from cell range are not coming when exported to PdfBug
CELLSJAVA-42359Missing Datalabels for a Series which is having Bar Values as 100Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42314Chart is Blank in the output PNGBug 
CELLSJAVA-42313Chart is Blank in the output PDFBug 
CELLSJAVA-42374Character references parsed incorrectly by Aspose CellsBug 
CELLSJAVA-42373Copying workbook and then saving corrupts the output Excel fileBug 
CELLSJAVA-42392Exception “com.aspose.cells.CellsException: unknown excel content!” on instantiating an encrypted Excel fileException 
CELLSJAVA-42307Exception: “The row index should not be inside the pivottable report” occurred when rendering to HTML file formatException 
CELLSJAVA-42285Exception: “Row index cannot be negative” occurred if a PivotTable exists in the worksheet to be converted to HTML file formatException 
CELLSJAVA-42318An exception is thrown when trying to open Workbook Exception 
CELLSJAVA-42311Exception: “java.lang.NullPointerException” when opening an ODS file via Aspose.Cells APIsException 
CELLSJAVA-42302NullPointerException on creating Workbook instance from source Excel fileException 
CELLSJAVA-42340Exception in thread “Thread-2” java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceededException 
CELLSJAVA-42334Exception “Error for ZipFile” is thrown when using OutputFileStreamException 
CELLSJAVA-42326com.aspose.cells.CellsException: Invalid password on opening the Excel fileException 
CELLSJAVA-42357Exception occurs when saving an Excel file into HTML formatException 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds enum StyleModifyFlag.RelativeIndent

Represents relative indent.

Adds TextureFill.IsTiling property

Indicates whether tile picture as texture.

Adds GlobalizationSettings.GetBooleanValueString()/GetErrorValueString() methods

Gets custom display string value for cell’s Boolean and error value when formatting/rendering.

Removes obsoleted ValidationCollection.Add() method

Use ValidationCollection.Add(CellArea) method instead.

Adds PdfSaveOptions.CheckWorkbookDefaultFont property

Indicates whether to try to use workbook’s default font firstly to show the characters which font is not set correctly.

Adds ImageOrPrintOptions.CheckWorkbookDefaultFont property

Indicates whether to try to use workbook’s default font firstly to show the characters which font is not set correctly.

Adds FileFormatType.Numbers, LoadFormat.Numbers and SaveFormat.Numbers enum

Represents the Numbers spreadsheet file format by Apple Inc/.

Adds Worksheet.AdvancedFilter() method

Filters data using complex criteria.

Adds WorkbookSettings.SignificantDigits property

Gets and sets the number of significant digits.

Obsoletes Validation.AreaList property and adds Validation.Areas property

Gets all area which contains the data validation settings.

Adds PageSetup.IsAutomaticPaperSize property

Indicates whether the paper size is automatic.

Adds FontSettingCollection.Replace() method

Replaces the text of the shape.

Adds Cells.importResultSet(ResultSet rs, int rowIndex, int columnIndex, ImportTableOptions options)/Cells.importResultSet(ResultSet rs, String startCell, ImportTableOptions options)

Supports importing ResultSet with more options.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.IsExportComments property

Indicates if exporting comments when saving file to HTML, the default value is false.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.DisableDownlevelRevealedComments property

Indicates if disable Downlevel-revealed conditional comments when exporting file to HTML, the default value is false.

Adds CustomImplementationFactory class

Provides API for the user to extend/improve the component’s ability by some special implementations for some special situations. Currently there is no custom implementation supported for Java version.

Adds CellsHelper.CustomImplementationFactory property

Gets/sets the CustomImplementationFactory instance used by cells component.

Adds Workbook.AddDigitalSignature(DigitalSignatureCollection digitalSignatureCollection) method

Adds digital signature to an already signed OOXML spreadsheet file (Excel2007 and later).

Adds ImageOrPrintOptions.OutputBlankPageWhenNothingToPrint property

Indicates whether to output a blank page when there is nothing to print.

Adds HTMLLoadOptions.LoadStyleStrategy property

Indicates the strategy to apply style for parsed values when converting string value to number or DateTime.

Adds class AbstractCalculationMonitor

Provides APIs for users to monitor the progress of formula calculation.

Adds CalculationOptions.CalculationMonitor property

Allows user to provide custom implementation to monitor the progress of formula calculation.

Adds enum GridlineType

Enumerates gridline Type.

Adds ImageOrPrintOptions.GridlineType property

Gets or sets gridline type.

Adds PdfSaveOptions.GridlineType property

Gets or sets gridline type.

Adds Name.GetRanges(bool) and Name.GetRange(bool) methods

For simple Name objects mostly, such as, named ranges with absolute references, the name’s reference needs not to be calculated repeatedly. So GetRanges(false)/GetRange(false) will not re-calculate the Name object when getting corresponding range(s) and so the the performance may be improved significantly if those methods are called repeatedly.

Adds PdfBookmarkEntry.DestinationName property

Gets or sets name of destination. If desitnation name is set, the desitnation will be defined as a named destination with this name.

Adds DataSorter.AddKey() method

Adds sorted column index and sort order with custom sort list.

Adds Picture.Copy() method

Copies settings from other picture.

Adds Shape.ToFrontOrBack() method

Brings the shape to front or sends it to the back.

Adds enum ConnectionDataSourceType.Table

Represents the table as the data source of the connection.

Adds PageSetup.SetFitToPages() method

Sets the number of pages the worksheet will be scaled to when it’s printed.

Adds PdfSaveOptions.StreamProvider property and ResourceLoadingType enum

Gets and sets the type of loading external resource.

Adds VbaModuleCollection.AddDesignerStorage() and GetDesignerStorage() methods

Gets and sets the designer storage of the VBA project.