Aspose.Cells for Android via Java 18.3 Release Notes

CELLSJAVA-42493Provide an option to decide whether exporting workbook propertiesNew Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42491Provide an option to decide whether exporting document propertiesNew Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42498Create a PdfBookmarkEntry for a chart sheetNew Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42509Add LoadDataFilterOptions.NAMES constant to filter defined names when loading workbookNew Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42519PdfSaveOptions.DrawObjectEventHandler is needed just like ImageOrPrintOptions.DrawObjectEventHandlerNew Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42543Extract label name that can be set for Package Objects embedded in Excel fileNew Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42510Observe very slow filtering in Microsoft Excel 2013 and 2016 when filter is appliedEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42464Fix needed for all ActiveX controlsEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42490Exclude unused styles when exporting Excel file to HTML (parent issue id: CELLSJAVA-42471) Enhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42529How to identify worksheet shapes via DrawObjectEventHandlerEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42558Unable to access horizontal category axis labels itemsEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42473Parts of images are truncated or missing and they do not match with original source imagesBug 
CELLSJAVA-42469Image protrudes from the shape in the output PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42461Element shape is incorrect in the output HTMLBug 
CELLSJAVA-42495Excel to Html - Wrapping text is ignoredBug 
CELLSJAVA-42489XLSB file gets corrupt after opening and savingBug 
CELLSJAVA-42487HTML output discrepancy - Issue with spacesBug 
CELLSJAVA-42471Irrelevant data included when saving to HTML Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42467XLSB corrupted after re-savingBug 
CELLSJAVA-4248815 digits numbers do not match what is in MS ExcelBug 
CELLSJAVA-42499Margins and layout differences when comparing the output PDF (by Aspose.Cells) with the MS Excel generated PDFBug 
CELLSJAVA-42486Feature does not work in Java - ResultSetBug 
CELLSJAVA-42497Sheet1 shapes are lost and Stars in Sheet2 are roundedBug 
CELLSJAVA-42512Invalid encoding - Exception occurs on loading the Excel fileBug 
CELLSJAVA-42507Macro and Dialog sheets are detected as regular worksheetsBug 
CELLSJAVA-42503MS Excel does not allow to save XLS file againBug 
CELLSJAVA-42502Aspose.Cells is not filtering data correctly instead it hides all the rowsBug 
CELLSJAVA-42552Output HTML does not match with ExcelBug 
CELLSJAVA-42536Excel files corrupted after open/save by Aspose.Cells APIsBug 
CELLSJAVA-42513Extra columns are coming at the end of each row in the output HTML for a rangeBug 
CELLSJAVA-42542Excel file is corrupted and have some cells changed after savingBug 
CELLSJAVA-42524Calculation errors are present in the hidden sheet namely KD020Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42514ImportTableOptions.setInsertRows() is not working while importing the ResultSet to worksheetBug 
CELLSJAVA-42505Comments attached to the cells (in the template file) are not shown when importing the Excel file into GridWebBug 
CELLSJAVA-42520Inconsistent cell coordinates reported by ImageOrPrintOptions.DrawObjectEventHandlerBug 
CELLSJAVA-42518Borders of rows are misaligned in the output PDFBug 
CELLSJAVA-42561X-Axis scale is incorrect in PNG output of Excel chartBug 
CELLSJAVA-42556Rendering of the chart is not correct in the output PDFBug 
CELLSJAVA-42547Chart is replaced with Red X when converting XLSX to ODSBug 
CELLSJAVA-42546Images lost when converting ODS to XLSXBug 
CELLSJAVA-42538Properties are not extracted from XLS and XLSX filesBug 
CELLSJAVA-42534Saving XLS to XLSB removes allowEditRangesBug 
CELLSJAVA-42533Exception “NullPointerException” occurred when extracting SmartArt shape textBug 
CELLSJAVA-42532Article Code - Control External Resources using WorkbookSetting.StreamProvider - does not work for JavaBug 
CELLSJAVA-42525Article Code - Specify Formula Fields while Importing Data to Worksheet - does not work for JavaBug 
CELLSJAVA-42521Chinese characters in embedded file name (title) is not well-displayed in notepadBug 
CELLSJAVA-42545Exception “ReadElementString only could be called when the content is simple or empty” when loading an ODS fileException 
CELLSJAVA-42500NullPointerException occurs while loading the MS Excel fileException
CELLSJAVA-42526Error in Cell B4-Invalid formula - exception occurs on setting formulaException 
CELLSJAVA-42522ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException upon opening file via Aspose.CellsException 
CELLSJAVA-42517Exception “com.aspose.cells.CellsException: Invalid formula:” when loading an ODS fileException 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Android via Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds LoadOptions.ParsingPivotCachedRecords property

Inidicates whether parsing pivot cached records when loadiing the file.The default value is false.Only applies to Excel Xlsx, Xltx, Xltm, Xlsm and Xlsb file formats.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.ExcludeUnusedStyles property

Indicates whether excluding unused styles.The default value is false. If you want to import the HTML or Mht file to Excel, please keep the default value.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.ExportDocumentProperties property

Indicates whether exporting document properties.The default value is true. If you want to import the HTML or Mht file to Excel, please keep the default value.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.ExportWorksheetProperties property

Indicates whether exporting worksheet properties.The default value is true. If you want to import the HTML or Mht file to Excel, please keep the default value.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.ExportWorkbookProperties property

Indicates whether exporting workbook properties.The default value is true. If you want to import the HTML or Mht file to Excel, please keep the default value.

Adds PivotTable.GetChildren() method

Gets the the children Pivot Tables which use this PivotTable data as data source.

Adds LoadDataFilterOptions.DefinedNames enum

Inidicates whether loading defined Name objects when loading template file.

Changes the behavior of LoadDataFilterOptions.Formula enum

In older versions we always load defined Name objects when loading formulas. Now we provide separate enum for defined Name objects explicitly, so Formula enum will only denote that formulas should be loaded now, no matter the defined Name objects will be loaded or not. However, one thing should be noted, commonly defined Name objects are used by formulas, if user only loads formulas and does not load the defined Name objects, the cell formula which refers to those Names will become corrupted and may cause Exception. So, generally if user wants to load formulas, the defined Name objects should be loaded too. But user can load only defined Name objects without loading formulas.

Add SheetType.Dialog enum

Represents dialog sheet.

Adds WorkbookSettings.MaxRowsOfSharedFormula property

Gets and sets the max row number of shared formula. The shared formula will be split to several shared formula if the total rows of shared formula is greater than it.

Adds WorkbookSettings.StreamProvider property

Gets and sets the stream provider for external resource.

Adds ShapeTextAlignment.IsAutoMargin property

Indicates whether the margin of the text frame is atuomatic.

Adds ImportTableOptions.IsFormulas property

Represents which column in the datatable should be imported as formulas.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.ExportSimilarBorderStyle property

Indicates whether exporting the similar border style when the border style is not supported by browsers. If you want to import the HTML or MHT file to Excel, please keep the default value. The default value is false.

Adds Axis.AxisLabels property

Gets the labels of the axis after calling Chart.Calculate() method.

Adds ChartType.Map enum

Represents the map chart.

Adds OleObject.Label property

Gets and sets the display label of the linked Ole Object.

Adds BuiltInDocumentPropertyCollection.DocumentVersion property

Represents the version of the file.

Adds StyleFlag.QuotePrefix enum

Indicates whether applying the style’s QuotePrefix property.

Adds DialogBox class

Represents the dialog box sheet.

Adds PdfSaveOptions.DrawObjectEventHandler property

Gets and sets DrawObjectEventHandler to get DrawObject and Bound while rendering.

Adds DrawObject.Shape property

Gets the related Shape while rendering.