Aspose.Cells for Android via Java 18.6 Release Notes

CELLSJAVA-42523Use FIPS compliant version of Bouncy Castle in Aspose.Cells APIsNew Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42550The concurrent conversion to PDF while each workbook has his own private (exclusive) set of fonts New Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42339Implement custom data sorting in Pivot Table report via Aspose.Cells APIsNew Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42625The implementation of the MS Excel feature ‘Watch Window’New Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42612Unable to extract the text from the gear type SmartArtNew Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42572Formula should not contain more than 8192 charactersEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42569Unable to access horizontal category axis labels items of Chart in XLSEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42580Get/set Language document propertyEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42565Foreground color vs Background color vs Fill color - Use a single method that takes two argumentsEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42528“<Font>” is not a valid HTML5 and self-closing tag and web browsers misrepresent its contentsEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42413Insert SVG image type into worksheet cells by Aspose.CellsEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42594Detect LoadFormat and FileFormatType of XLAMEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42646Exception: “FormulaBuild Unknown formula token 0” on Name.getRefersTo()Enhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42645Exception: “FormulaBuild More than one token in stack….” on Cell.getFormula()Enhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42516Aspose.Cells accepts and corrects an invalid formulaEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42551Some shapes are not correct in the output PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42578Conditional formatting is lost while saving Excel to HTMLBug 
CELLSJAVA-42571Output HTML does not match with MS-ExcelBug 
CELLSJAVA-42553Links to named area are wrong after export to HTML Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42530Pivot Tables and corresponding Charts do not have correct Date formatBug 
CELLSJAVA-42527Chart has many values in x-axis and values are overlapping over each otherBug 
CELLSJAVA-42581Aspose.Cells returns wrong value of cell A2Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42583XML map does not create table properlyBug 
CELLSJAVA-42577Get/extract values (0 for 0 and blank for blank) using DataPoint.getYValue() method for a given chartBug 
CELLSJAVA-42566Inversion of subtitles (legend entries) in MS Excel chartBug 
CELLSJAVA-42560Arrows are missing in PNG output of Excel ChartBug 
CELLSJAVA-42508Java method ‘Shape.toImage’ works differently with the same method in .NETBug 
CELLSJAVA-42573Aspose.Cells 18.3 rotation for a TextBox is not working for EXCEL_97_TO_2003 save formatBug
CELLSJAVA-42570Blank new line appears inside the TextBox after processing and saving the Excel fileBug 
CELLSJAVA-42604Pivot Table’s formatting and behavior changed after open/save the template fileBug 
CELLSJAVA-41918Spreadsheet (XLS) becomes corrupted after simple load & saveBug 
CELLSJAVA-42616Aspose.Cells breaks iterator interface when calling Iterator.hasnext() twiceBug 
CELLSJAVA-42607Properties values garbled when extracting document propertiesBug 
CELLSJAVA-42601The workbook is corrupted after adding a watermarkBug 
CELLSJAVA-42600Same code executes slower in new releases Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42598Properties are not be extracted in the template fileBug 
CELLSJAVA-42589NullPointerException when adding HTML to a cellBug 
CELLSJAVA-41414Lines disappeared from chart when XLSX file is re-savedBug 
CELLSJAVA-42636Some drawing shapes are displaced or rendered wrongly in Excel to HTML renderingBug 
CELLSJAVA-42627CELLSJAVA-42619 Unable to extract Smart Art images correctlyBug 
CELLSJAVA-42618Shape is displaced to cover data in Excel to HTML renderingBug 
CELLSJAVA-42628Calculation of formulas are wrong e.g. it generates #DIV/0! errorsBug 
CELLSJAVA-42615Cell A3 format is not correct in the output HTMLBug 
CELLSJAVA-42621Poor performance when generating PDF file from an Excel fileBug 
CELLSJAVA-42620XLSX to TIFF - exception NoClassDefFoundErrorBug 
CELLSJAVA-42599Images are lost when Excel file is converted to PdfBug 
CELLSJAVA-42630Chart.calculate method causes OutOfMemoryErrorBug 
CELLSJAVA-42623Memory increases in rendering Excel file to PDF file formatBug 
CELLSJAVA-42592Font size changed on Chart Title due to characters() methodBug 
CELLSJAVA-41860Shadow effect is changed while re-saving XLSBug 
CELLSJAVA-42654Excel to PDF conversion - the conversion never completesBug 
CELLSJAVA-42647Unable to get or set alternative text for Comment shapeBug 
CELLSJAVA-42644Aspose.Cells hangs when converting a Spreadsheet ML file (xml) to PDF with self-closing Styles tagBug 
CELLSJAVA-42632Unable to set alternative text for SmartArt shapeBug 
CELLSJAVA-42631getFirstVisibleRow() and getFirstVisibleColumn() returning invalid indicesBug 
CELLSJAVA-42624Hyperlinks with encoded symbols (such as, “%5c”) decode after re-savingBug 
CELLSJAVA-42563Exception “java.lang.NullPointerException” when digital signing an XLSX fileException 
CELLSJAVA-42602Exception “IndexOutOfBoundsException” when merging cells in light-weight modeException 
CELLSJAVA-42610Exception “java.lang.IllegalStateException: Invalid encoding: null” when loading an XLS file Exception 
CELLSJAVA-42608ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurs on opening an Excel fileException 
CELLSJAVA-42596“java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException” occurs on opening an Excel fileException 
CELLSJAVA-42595“ File is corrupted” occurs on opening an Excel fileException 
CELLSJAVA-42591“com.aspose.cells.CellsException: Invalid formula” on loading an Excel fileException 
CELLSJAVA-42638Cell.getDisplayStringValue() throws java.lang.NullPointerExceptionException 
CELLSJAVA-42652java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurred on loading an XLS fileException 
CELLSJAVA-42650Exception: “Invalid encoding: null” when loading an XLS fileException 
CELLSJAVA-42649Exception: “The count of HPageBreaks cannot be larger than 1024” when loading an XLS fileException 
CELLSJAVA-42648Exception: “Failed to read image data” on Picture.getData()Exception 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Android via Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds new item “CrossHideRight” for HtmlCrossType enum

Displays HTML cross string and hides the right string when the text is overlapped.

Adds new item “TSV” for LoadFormat, SaveFormat and FileFormatType enums

Represents a TSV(Tab-separated values) file, same with the “TabDelimited”.

Adds enum ImageType

Represents the type of the image.

Adds MsoTextFrame.RotateTextWithShape and ShapeTextAlignment.RotateTextWithShape properties

Indicates whether the text rotates with the shape.

Adds OleObject.ImageType and Picture.ImageType properties

Gets the image format of the picture.

Obsoletes OleObject.ImageFormat and Picture.ImageFormat properties

Use OleObject.ImageType and Picture.ImageType properties instead.

Adds an overload AutoFilter.Refresh (System.Boolean) method

Gets all hidden rows’s indexes and refreshes the auto-filter.

Adds overload Cell.GetHtmlString(System.Boolean) method

Gets the HTML string which contains data and some formats in this cell.

Adds BuiltInDocumentPropertyCollection.Language property

Gets and sets the language of the file.

Adds Style.SetPatternColor(Aspose.Cells.BackgroundType,System.Drawing.Color,System.Drawing.Color)

Sets the pattern and color of the cell

Adds ChartPoint.XValueType property

Gets X value type of the chart point.

Adds ChartPoint.YValueType property

Gets Y value type of the chart point.

Adds enum PageLayoutAlignmentType

Represents page layout alignment types.

Adds Chart.ToPdf(System.IO.Stream,System.Single,System.Single,Aspose.Cells.PageLayoutAlignmentType,Aspose.Cells.PageLayoutAlignmentType) method

Creates the chart’s PDF with desired page size and saves it to a stream.

Adds Chart.ToPdf(System.String,System.Single,System.Single,Aspose.Cells.PageLayoutAlignmentType,Aspose.Cells.PageLayoutAlignmentType) method

Creates the chart’s PDF with desired page size and saves it to a file.

Adds PdfSaveOptions.OutputBlankPageWhenNothingToPrint property

Indicates whether to output a blank page when there is nothing to print.

Adds new properties Cell.IsTableFormula/IsArrayFormula to replace Cell.IsInTable/IsInArray

Indicates whether one cell is part of the table formula or array formula. Old names make ambiguity, so we made them obsolete and provide new ones.

Adds IndividualFontConfigs class

Represents Font configs for each workbook object.

Adds LoadOptions.FontConfigs property

Gets and sets individual font configs.

Deletes obsoleted FontSetting.ShapeFont property

Use FontSetting.TextOptions property instead.

Adds OoxmlCompliance enum and WorkbookSettings.Compliance property

Supports Strict Open Xml Spreadsheet.

Adds GroupShape.Ungroup() method

Ungroups shapes.

Adds MsoFormatPicture.Gamma property

Gets and sets the gamma of the picture.

Adds TextOptions.FarEastName and TextOptions.LatinName property

Get and sets the Far East and Latin name of the font.

Adds Slicer, SlicerCollection, SlicerCache, SlicerCacheItem and SlicerCacheItemCollection classes

These APIs are used to create and modify the Slicer in the file.

Adds SlicerCacheItemSortType and SlicerStyleType enums

These APIs are used to create and modify the Slicer in the file.

Adds CellWatchCollection and CellWatch classes, Adds Worksheet.CellWatches property

Adds Cell Watch Item in the ‘watch window’.

Adds CustomXmlShape class and MsoDrawingType.CustomXml enum

Supports keeping custom xml shape.

Adds MsoDrawingType.SmartArt enum

Represents the smart art shape type.

Adds Font.SchemeType property and FontSchemeType enums

Gets and sets the scheme type of the font.

Adds CustomXmlPart.ID property

Gets and sets the Id of custom xml part.

Adds CustomXmlPartCollection.SelectByID() method

Gets Custom xml part by id.

Adds Range.Address, Range.CellCount, EntireColumn, Range.EntireRow and Range.GetOffset(System.Int32,System.Int32)

Enhancement for processing range.

Overloads WorkbookRender.ToImage() method

Renders the workbook to image by the page index.

Adds Legend.LegendEntriesLabels() method

Gets the labels of the legend entries after calling Chart.Calculate() method.

Adds CustomFilter.SetCriteria(FilterOperatorType filterOperator, object criteria) method

Sets the filter criteria.

Provides new APIs for supporting to get/set formulas in locale dependent format (the FormulaLocal function of Microsoft Interop)

Cell.GetFormula(bool isR1C1, bool isLocal) Cell.SetFormula(string formula, bool isR1C1, bool isLocal, object value) Name.GetRefersTo(bool isR1C1, bool isLocal) Name.SetRefersTo(string refersTo, bool isR1C1, bool isLocal) FormatCondition.GetFormula1(bool isR1C1, bool isLocal) FormatCondition.SetFormula1(string formula, bool isR1C1, bool isLocal) FormatCondition.GetFormula2(bool isR1C1, bool isLocal) FormatCondition.SetFormula2(string formula, bool isR1C1, bool isLocal) FormatCondition.GetFormula1(bool isR1C1, bool isLocal, int row, int column) FormatCondition.GetFormula2(bool isR1C1, bool isLocal, int row, int column) GlobalizationSettings.GetTableRowTypeOfHeaders() GlobalizationSettings.GetTableRowTypeOfData() GlobalizationSettings.GetTableRowTypeOfAll() GlobalizationSettings.GetTableRowTypeOfTotals() GlobalizationSettings.GetTableRowTypeOfCurrent() GlobalizationSettings.GetErrorValueString(string err) GlobalizationSettings.GetBooleanValueString(bool bv) GlobalizationSettings.GetLocalFunctionName(string standardName) GlobalizationSettings.GetStandardFunctionName(string localName) GlobalizationSettings.GetLocalBuiltInName(string standardName) GlobalizationSettings.GetStandardBuiltInName(string localName) GlobalizationSettings.ListSeparator GlobalizationSettings.RowSeparatorOfFormulaArray GlobalizationSettings.ColumnSeparatorOfFormulaArray