Aspose.Cells for Android via Java 18.9 Release Notes

CELLSJAVA-42680Disable Pivot Table RibbonNew Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42568Protect workbook and worksheet in ODS fileNew Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42668Support multiple values when using class style (Linked to: CELLSJAVA-42635)Enhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42627Unable to extract Smart Art images correctly - Shape to image conversion (CELLSJAVA-42619) Enhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42677Interruption issue with saving XLSX file processEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42687Hyperlink not working when referenced from other sheetEnhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42672The output PDF document is too big Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42671Hyperlinks issue when viewing the output Excel file in MS Excel Japanese versionBug 
CELLSJAVA-42667Getting ‘#NUM!’ for a cell having IRR functionBug 
CELLSJAVA-42658Workbooks with XL4 macros (XLSM) become corrupt after saveBug 
CELLSJAVA-42656AlternativeText returns value of the comment TextBug 
CELLSJAVA-42635HTML to XLS - CSS style ignoredBug 
CELLSJAVA-41176Incorrect alignment while rendering spreadsheet to PDF formatBug 
CELLSJAVA-42676Table data shifted to wrong row and column while converting from HTML to MS Excel file formatBug 
CELLSJAVA-41670Chart’s image position is wrong in Chrome & FireFox while converting to HTML  Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41245Slicer control is not rendered when converting Excel file to HTML file formatBug 
CELLSJAVA-42684Vertical line at the center of the chart is not drawn properly in the rendered imageBug 
CELLSJAVA-42682Gradient color for negative bubbles is not applying in the PDF outputBug 
CELLSJAVA-42681Chart category title not shown properly in the imageBug 
CELLSJAVA-42695Wrong border style returned for merged cellBug 
CELLSJAVA-42694Read watermark from Excel fileBug 
CELLSJAVA-42686Property comment contains unnecessary textBug 
CELLSJAVA-42685Property “revision number” not checked correctlyBug 
CELLSJAVA-41485Macros in the ODS file are not retained in the generated ODS file formatBug 
CELLSJAVA-42715Formulas are not retrieved the same as in Excel fileBug 
CELLSJAVA-42711Chart in PDF is not generating from the Excel templateBug 
CELLSJAVA-42710Duplicate legend item text in the chart in Excel to PDF conversionBug 
CELLSJAVA-42706PDF output does not show chart labelBug 
CELLSJAVA-42700Waterfall chart not rendered properly after changing the chart dataBug 
CELLSJAVA-42717Cells.deleteRow works incorrectlyBug 
CELLSJAVA-42716Wrong value retrieved for border styleBug 
CELLSJAVA-42709Wrong bottom border style returned for merged cellBug 
CELLSJAVA-42705Excel raises error while loading file after setting the AutofilterBug 
CELLSJAVA-42703Chart not rendered while converting ODS to PDFBug 
CELLSJAVA-42702Gray borders appear after reading cell style in the worksheetBug 
CELLSJAVA-42699PasteType.VALUES_AND_NUMBER_FORMATS is not working fineBug 
CELLSJAVA-42646Exception: “FormulaBuild Unknown formula token0” on Name.getRefersTo()Exception 
CELLSJAVA-42707Chart.calculate method causes OutOfMemoryErrorException 
CELLSJAVA-42673Exception “java.lang.NumberFormatException” when loading an Excel fileException 
CELLSJAVA-42669Exception “java.lang.NullPointerException” when calculating formulas in the workbookException 
CELLSJAVA-42663Chart.calculate() throws IndexOutOfBoundsExceptionException 
CELLSJAVA-42655Exception: “Invalid encoding: null” when loading an XLS file - IIException 
CELLSJAVA-42675NumberFormatException raised while loading the HTML file into workbookException 
CELLSJAVA-42689NullPointerException exception raised while calling the CalculateFormulaException 
CELLSJAVA-42678Exception when rendering worksheet to PNG file formatException 
CELLSJAVA-42411Error in Cell: E22-Invalid formula - exception on opening MS Excel fileException 
CELLSJAVA-42691NegativeArraySizeException while converting XLSX to HTMLException 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Android via Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds enum StyleFlag.Alignments

Represents all the settings of alignment.

Adds WorkbookSettings.MaxRow and WorkbookSettings.MaxColumn properties

Gets the max row and column index of the workbook.

Adds WriteProtection.Author property

Gets and sets the author of the write protection.

Adds PdfSecurityOptions.AccessibilityExtractContent property

Permission to copy or extract content (in support of accessibility to disabled users or for other purposes).

Adds SubtotalSetting class

Represents the setting of subtotal.

Adds Cells.RetrieveSubtotalSetting(CellArea) method

Retrieves the setting of subtotal.

Adds overload Range.ExportDataTable(Aspose.Cells.ExportTableOptions) method.

Supports options of exporting range.

Adds WebQueryConnection.IsSameSetting property and deletes WebQueryConnection.IsFirstRow property

Use WebQueryConnection.IsSameSetting property instead.

Adds WebQueryConnection.IsXmlSourceData property and deletes WebQueryConnection.IsSourceData property

Use WebQueryConnection.IsXmlSourceData property instead.

Adds Shape.IsEquation property

Indicates whether the shape contains equation.

Adds overload Cells.CopyColumns(Int32,Int32,PasteOptions) and Cells.CopyRows(Int32,Int32,PasteOptions) method

Supports paste options when copying rows and columns.

Adds Axis.IsAutoTickLabelSpacing property

Indicates whether tick label spacing is automatic.

Adds CellsHelper.CreateSafeSheetName(string nameProposal)/CreateSafeSheetName(string nameProposal, char replaceChar) methods

Methods for user’s convenience to create valid sheet name.

Adds Row.FirstDataCell

Gets the first non-blank cell in the row.

Adds MapChartLabelLayout enum

Represents the label layout type of the map chart.

Adds MapChartProjectionType enum

Represents the projection type of the map chart.

Adds MapChartRegionType enum

Represents the region type of the map chart.

Adds QuartileCalculationType enum

Represents the quartile calculation type of the chart.

Adds Series.LayoutProperties property and class SeriesLayoutProperties

Represents the layout properties of the series.

Adds TickLabels.IsAutomaticRotation property

Indicates whether the rotation of the tick labels is automatic.

Adds FilterOperatorType.BeginsWith, Contains, EndsWith and NotContains enum

Represents the text filter operator type.

Adds Cell.GetDisplayStyle(bool) method

Gets the display style of the cell.

Adds GlobalizationSettings.GetStandardHeaderFooterFontStyleName(string localFontStyleName) method

Gets standard English font style name (Regular, Bold, Italic) for Header/Footer according to given locale font style name.

Adds PdfCustomPropertiesExport enum

Specifies the way CustomDocumentPropertyCollection are exported to PDF file.

Adds PdfSaveOptions.CustomPropertiesExport property

Gets or sets a value determining the way CustomDocumentPropertyCollection are exported to PDF file. Default value is None.

Adds class XmlDataBinding

Represents Xml Data Binding information.

Adds ListObject.XmlMap property

Gets an XmlMap used for this list.

Adds XmlDataBinding.Url property

Gets source url of this data binding.

Adds XmlMap.DataBinding property

Gets an XmlDataBinding of this map.