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Aspose.Cells for Android via Java 22.3 Release Notes

CELLSJAVA-44162Support to remove external link without removing the formulasNew Feature
CELLSJAVA-44214Support to autofit rows for GridWebNew Feature
CELLSJAVA-44205Support locale depended unit text for coordinate axes of chartNew Feature
CELLSJAVA-44238Support to keep session after server restart for GridWebEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-44317The text in this xlsx is garbledEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-44126Cell.getDependents() throws Exception if cell’s formula has not been parsedBug
CELLSJAVA-44161Bug in external formula when importing a workbook into another workbookBug
CELLSJAVA-44130The text of the data labels wrap in the output chart imageBug
CELLSJAVA-44204pagination issue for csvBug
CELLSJAVA-43934The Pie chart labels are not matched with Excel after manipulating or updating chartBug
CELLSJAVA-44122When exporting HTML, the data labels are different from that of ExcelBug
CELLSJAVA-41949Content render differently when saving Workbook to XLSX & HTML formatsBug
CELLSJAVA-44207When exporting to HTML, row height becomes higherBug
CELLSJAVA-44233Infinite loop when converting XLSX fileBug
CELLSJAVA-44271When converting Excel to PDF, the output position shifts compared to the case of manual conversionBug
CELLSJAVA-44197When converting XLSX to PDF, the pivot table timeline shape (window) is not displayedBug
CELLSJAVA-44267Workbook containing a pivot table becomes corruptedBug
CELLSJAVA-44114XLSX to PDF: Data in Scientific number format from the XLSX file doesn’t match with the data in the output PDF fileBug
CELLSJAVA-44293Resaved Excel file needs to be recovered when opening it into MS ExcelBug
CELLSJAVA-43194Images shown incorrectlyBug
CELLSJAVA-44243GridWeb spring demo save file failed in jdk1.8Bug
CELLSJAVA-44276row header height mismatch with row content after edit cell for the file 249.xlsBug
CELLSJAVA-44284raise out of memory exception for the file bug.xlsxBug
CELLSJAVA-44229Formula is lost when td content is wrapped by div tagBug
CELLSJAVA-44247Single line text is wrapped while converting to pdfBug
CELLSJAVA-44175issue with overlapping Donut Chart LabelsBug
CELLSJAVA-44192Category axis item name in the graph is cut off in Excel to PDF conversionBug
CELLSJAVA-44233Infinite loop when converting XLSX fileBug
CELLSJAVA-44263Setting direction of chart label text to vertical doesn’t take effectBug
CELLSJAVA-44268Exception “java.lang.NullPointerException” on Chart.toPdf methodBug
CELLSJAVA-44302The text direction of coordinate axis is wrong after Excel file is converted to HTMLBug
CELLSJAVA-44314Wrong chart category axis labels in Chart to image renderingBug
CELLSJAVA-44274Is SVG format supported for reading or rendering to PDFBug
CELLSJAVA-44369shape height is not correctBug
CELLSJAVA-44366Copying the sheet content to a new sheet page and save it as html causes the style of the Excel math formula abnormalBug
CELLSJAVA-44408Percentage format of Cell is lost when we are expanding those 2 rows that we have changedBug
CELLSJAVA-44341Cell width is not correct in the output DOCX in Excel to DOCX conversionBug
CELLSJAVA-44383Conditional formatting stopped working after adding custom propertiesBug
CELLSJAVA-44370Excel file gets corrupt when opened and saved with Aspose.CellsBug
CELLSJAVA-44344Issue with horizontal copying of ranges in the output XLSXBug
CELLSJAVA-44363row header height doesnot match row content in the file with freezepaneBug
CELLSJAVA-44349image/shape shall be kept after server restart for GridWebBug
CELLSJAVA-44367The color of the column chart turns white when converting to htmlBug
CELLSJAVA-44328Some data labels of Excel graphs are lost when saving Excel file as HTMLBug
CELLSJAVA-44193The angle of category axis items in the graph is different in Excel to PDF conversionBug
CELLSJAVA-44314Wrong chart category axis labels in Chart to image renderingBug
CELLSJAVA-44332Cell link underline can’t remove when convert xlsx to htmlBug
CELLSJAVA-44234Out of memory issue for the file data.xlsException
CELLSJAVA-44246“Invalid endrow index” exception for empty fileException
CELLSJAVA-44258Null pointer exception for fileException
CELLSJAVA-44311Exception “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space” when rendering to HTML file formatException
CELLSJAVA-44285Exception “java.lang.ClassCastException: com.aspose.cells.n2f cannot be cast to com.aspose.cells.o90” when calling Workbook.calculateFormula()Exception
CELLSJAVA-44323Exception while adding signature lineException
CELLSJAVA-44361CellsException raised while converting xlsx to htmlException

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Android via Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

In old versions, we do not remove the external link whose url contains “AddIns”. Such behavior is designed for some user’s special requirement. The defect of such solution is obvious: users may specify any valid file name or path for the external references and in fact most of them do not want those external links to be treated differently. From this version, we do not filter those external links anymore. If users have special requirement for some external links, they may check all items in the ExternalLinkCollection one by one and only remove those they want to delete(by ExternalLinkCollection.RemoveAt(int) method).

Changes behavior of Cell.Type for invalid date time value.

In old versions, if one cell is requested to be formatted as date time, Cell.Type returns CellValueType.IsDateTime no matter the numeric value of this cell is valid for date time or not. This may cause exception if users depend on Cell.Type only and try to call Cell.DateTimeValue. From this version, we return CellValueType.IsNumeric for such kind of cells so that user can be guided to get the cell value by proper API.

Changes behavior of Cells.MaxDisplayRange.

In old versions, the range value of this property covers all cells that have been instantiated in the cells collection. From this version we make the invisible rows/columns be excluded from edges of the display range if there are only instantiated cells in those rows/columns.

Changes DataSorter.Sort() methods to return the original indices of sorted Rows/Columns.

In old versions?DataSorter.Sort() methods return nothing. From this version, we return the original indices of Rows/Columns corresponding to the range has been sorted. This provides user the ability to perform advanced check and operations for the sorting.

Adds TxtLoadOptions.ExtendToNextSheet property.

Supports to import CSV/TSV data into multiple worksheets if the row count or column count of data exceeds ms excel’s limit.

Adds ExternalLinkCollection.Clear() method.

Removes all external links from the workbook.

Adds ExternalLinkCollection.Clear(bool updateReferencesAsLocal) method.

When removing all external links from the workbook, user can determine how to do with the formulas that have references to those external links. If “updateReferencesAsLocal” is true, then all custom defined functions in the external links will be moved to current workbook itself. For example, one cell’s formula is “=‘externalsource.xlam’!customfunction()”, after removing the external link “externalsource.xlam”, this cell’s formula will become “=customfunction()”.

Adds ExternalLinkCollection.RemoveAt(int) method.

Removes one specified external link from the workbook.

Adds ExternalLinkCollection.RemoveAt(int, bool updateReferencesAsLocal) method.

Similar to ExternalLinkCollection.Clear(bool updateReferencesAsLocal) method, user can determine the way to do with formulas that reference to the specified external link while removing it from the workbook.

Adds ExternalLinkCollection.GetEnumerator() method.

Provides an enumerator to iterate through all external links in the workbook.

Please use ExternalLinkCollection.Clear() method instead.

Please use ExternalLinkCollection.Count to check whether there are external links in the workbook.

Deletes obsolete class StyleCollection.

Please use Workbook.CreateStyle() and Workbook.GetNamedStyle(string) to manipulate styles.

Adds PptxSaveOptions(bool saveAsImage) constructor.

Represents options of saving .pptx file. If True, the workbook will be converted into some pictures of .pptx file. If False, the workbook will be converted into some tables of .pptx file.

Adds ChartGlobalizationSettings class.

Represents the globalization settings for chart.

Adds DataLabels.IsNeverOverlap property.

Indicates whether the datalabels display never overlap. (For Pie chart)

Adds TickLabelItem class.

Include information of a Ticklabel item.

Adds TickLabelItem.Height property.

Gets the height of Ticklabel item in ratio of chart height.

Adds TickLabelItem.Width property.

Gets the width of Ticklabel item in ratio of chart width.

Adds TickLabelItem.X property.

Gets X of Ticklabel item in ratio of chart width.

Adds TickLabelItem.Y property.

Gets Y of Ticklabel item in ratio of chart height.

Adds TickLabels.TickLabelItems property.

Gets the items of TickLabel.

Obsoletes Cells.AddAddInFunction() method.

Please use WorksheetCollection.RegisterAddInFunction() methods instead.

Adds NameCollection.Filter() method and NameScopeType enum.

Gets the defined names by scope.

Adds MsoDrawingType.Timeline enum.

Represents Timeline drawing objects type.

Changes the default value of HtmlSaveOptions.ExcludeUnusedStyles.

When saving html files, for old versions sometimes we remove the unused styles automatically when there are many style objects in the pool, no matter what’s the value of this property. For the generated html files, excluding unused styles can make the file size smaller without affecting the visual effects. So from this version we make the default value of this property as true to make it consistent with the saving behavior. If user needs to keep all styles in the workbook for the generated html(such as the scenario that user needs to restore the workbook from the generated html later), please set this property as false while saving html.

Adds Cell.GetLeafs(bool recursive) method.

Support user to get all leafs of one cell recursively.

Adds Range.SetInsideBorders(BorderType, CellBorderType, CellsColor) method.

Support to set inside borders for the range.

Adds SaveFormat.Ots,SaveFormat.Xlt and LoadFormat.Ots enum.

Enhancement for loading and saving ots and xlt files.

Adds FormulaSettings class.

Separate all formula-related settings from WorkbookSettings and group them as FormulaSettings.

Adds WorkbookSettings.FormulaSettings property.

Gets the grouped settings for formulas.

Adds PivotItem.IsHideDetail property.

Gets and Sets whether the pivot item hides detail.

Obsoletes WorkbookSettings.ReCalculateOnOpen property.

Please use WorkbookSettings.FormulaSettings.CalculateOnOpen instead.

Obsoletes WorkbookSettings.RecalculateBeforeSave property.

Please use WorkbookSettings.FormulaSettings.CalculateOnSave instead.

Obsoletes WorkbookSettings.ForceFullCalculate property.

Please use WorkbookSettings.FormulaSettings.ForceFullCalculation instead.

Obsoletes WorkbookSettings.PrecisionAsDisplayed property.

Please use WorkbookSettings.FormulaSettings.PrecisionAsDisplayed instead.

Obsoletes WorkbookSettings.CalcMode property.

Please use WorkbookSettings.FormulaSettings.CalculationMode instead.

Obsoletes WorkbookSettings.Iteration property.

Please use WorkbookSettings.FormulaSettings.EnableIterativeCalculation instead.

Obsoletes WorkbookSettings.MaxIteration property.

Please use WorkbookSettings.FormulaSettings.MaxIteration instead.

Obsoletes WorkbookSettings.MaxChange property.

Please use WorkbookSettings.FormulaSettings.MaxChange instead.

Obsoletes WorkbookSettings.CalculationId property.

Please use WorkbookSettings.FormulaSettings.CalculationId instead.

Obsoletes WorkbookSettings.CreateCalcChain property.

Please use WorkbookSettings.FormulaSettings.EnableCalculationChain instead.

Obsoletes WorkbookSettings.CalcStackSize property.

Please use CalculationOptions with the specified stack size instead when calculating formulas.