Aspose.Cells for Android via Java 22.6 Release Notes

CELLSJAVA-44632Supports formatting the entire row of data in the PivotTableNew Feature
CELLSJAVA-44415Thousand of the getResourceAsAStream calls causes high CPU load and memory consumption during report generationEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-44490add GridWorkbookSetting for GridWebEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-44554Enhance the LightCells model for setting formulasEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-44535implement focus cell with vertical/horizontal scroll bar auto scroll to suitable postionEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-44588Detect file format for stream with passwordEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-44611Improvement for reading blank cells from xlsx fileEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-44616Original settings of conditional formatting in the range of destination should be removed when copying rangeEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-44658Support BouncyCastle v1.71Enhancement
CELLSJAVA-44455When converting XLSX file to PDF, the date in the pivot table becomes a serial numberBug
CELLSJAVA-44370Excel file gets corrupt when opened and saved with Aspose.CellsBug
CELLSJAVA-44381Condition formatting issue when deleting the row or columnBug
CELLSJAVA-44442Opening and saving with Aspose.Cells corrupts the workbookBug
CELLSJAVA-44356picture position issue for print for the file in GridWebBug
CELLSJAVA-44357issues for display in GridWebBug
CELLSJAVA-44398GridWeb display issues from customerBug
CELLSJAVA-44464additional issue 1,column A background color is not same as in excel for yscl.xls at sheet4Bug
CELLSJAVA-44466additional issue 3,setCalculateFormula to false does not workBug
CELLSJAVA-44496Include the caption tag/element for the table when loading htmlBug
CELLSJAVA-44429The effect of Excel chart in excel is different from that in HTMLBug
CELLSJAVA-44414Unicode in JSON will break generated XLSX and CSVBug
CELLSJAVA-44481Issue with ThreadedComment.setCreatedTime() methodBug
CELLSJAVA-44483Sorting not working after grouping the rowsBug
CELLSJAVA-44522Double value to string gives tailing zero which is incorrect when comparing with ms excel’s resultBug
CELLSJAVA-44501search next issue for the file duohangduolie.zipBug
CELLSJAVA-44529implement search for freezepaneBug
CELLSJAVA-44530investigate the issue of setactivecell does not work sometimesBug
CELLSJAVA-44534Graphic in print area not exported in Excel to HTML conversionBug
CELLSJAVA-44539Chart is shifted to right while converting to html with print areaBug
CELLSJAVA-44568Multi-lines captions are lost except the first line in HTML to XLS conversionBug
CELLSJAVA-44512Chart is missing while exporting chart to svg in htmlBug
CELLSJAVA-44556Issue with data display in the data table after the coordinate axis is set to logarithmic scale - Excel to HTML/PDF conversionBug
CELLSJAVA-44628How to retain percentage format of certain pivot rows when expanding node data of a pivot column/fieldBug
CELLSJAVA-44483Sorting not working after grouping the rowsBug
CELLSJAVA-44609Slow copy with conditional formatting using newer versionBug
CELLSJAVA-44622When sorting large groups with multiple keys, it throws “java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException”Bug
CELLSJAVA-44630Issue with Smart Markers feature since Aspose Cells 22.5Bug
CELLSJAVA-44646Clear content on copied sheet throws NullPointerExceptionBug
CELLSJAVA-44656Cells.getMaxDataColumn returning different (wrong) value in 22.5Bug
CELLSJAVA-44650Excel document page is messy when loading into Aspose.Cells.GridWeb(Java)Bug
CELLSJAVA-44660Issue with data alignment when loading the XLS into Aspose.Cells.GridWeb (Java)Bug
CELLSJAVA-44661Issue when loading the et file into Aspose.Cells.GridWeb (Java)Bug
CELLSJAVA-44584The title of the axis in the chart is rotated in the output image - Chart to image conversionBug
CELLSJAVA-44615Gray line drawn in the output image from XLS fileBug
CELLSJAVA-44665Loading ODS file hangsBug
CELLSJAVA-44404Exception “java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid column index” when loading an XLSX file into GridWebException
CELLSJAVA-44651“Not a numeric value” error when converting Excel sheet to HTML/PDFException

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Android via Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds DefaultStyleSettings class.

Group of default values for style-related properties.

Adds LoadOptions.DefaultStyleSettings property.

Support to set default values of style-related properties for initializing a Workbook.

Adds TxtSaveOptions.TrimTailingBlankCells property.

Support to remove all blank cells(repeated characters of separator such as “~,~,~,~,”) at the end of row record when exporting csv/tsv.

Adds Style.HasBorders property.

Support to check whether there are borders have been set for the style.

Obsoletes LoadOptions.StandardFont/StandardFontSize properties.

Please use LoadOptions.DefaultStyleSettings.FontName/FontSize instead.

Removes obsolete enum StyleModifyFlag.FontSubscript and FontSuperscript.

Please use StyleModifyFlag.FontScript instead.

Obsoletes Shape.ConnectionPoints properties.

Use GetConnectionPoints() method instead.

Adds Shape.GetConnectionPoints() method.

Get the connection points.

Adds Row.IsCollapsed and Column.IsCollapsed properties.

Indicates whether the row and column is collapsed.

Adds PasteType.ValuesAndFormats enum.

Indicates only copying values and formats.

Adds Shape.IsInGroup property.

Indicates whether the shape is grouped.

Adds AutoFilter.GetCellArea() method.

Gets the area where the specified AutoFilter applies to.

Adds Cells.GetRowOriginalHeightPoint() method.

Gets the original row height, in unit of points.

Adds TimelineCollection.Add(PivotTable pivot, string destCellName, PivotField baseField) method.

Add a new Timeline using PivotTable as data source.

Adds TimelineCollection.Add(PivotTable pivot, int row, int column, PivotField baseField) method.

Add a new Timeline using PivotTable as data source.

Adds TimelineCollection.Add(PivotTable pivot, string destCellName, int baseFieldIndex) method.

Add a new Timeline using PivotTable as data source.

Adds TimelineCollection.Add(PivotTable pivot, int row, int column, int baseFieldIndex) method.

Add a new Timeline using PivotTable as data source.

Adds TimelineCollection.Add(PivotTable pivot, string destCellName, string baseFieldName) method.

Add a new Timeline using PivotTable as data source.

Adds DataLabelShapeType.Line enum.

Represents the Line Shape. This type is not available in Excel, it is only used for some special files.

Changes for saving Workbook with LightCells

To make formula-related features available for LightCells, in old versions we keep all formula data in cells model in memory when saving workbook with LightCells. This caused misunderstanding and misuse of LightCells for some users. User had thought that cell’s formula data has been released out of the scope of StartCell(Cell) but in fact not. For most users that use LightCells, their primary concern is performance(memory cost). Few people will use formula-related functions other than setting simple formula to the cell in the process of saving Workbook. So, from this version we add some restrictions for changing the cell object in the scope of StartCell(Cell) method. Now it is not allowed to set shared formulas, array formulas for the given cell object in StartCell(Cell) method. If such kind of formulas are needed, user should set them before saving workbook. With this change, we improved the performance for most users that need to save simple formula for cells to the resultant spreadsheet file with LightCells.

Deletes obsolete method Cell.SetAddInFormula()

Please use WorksheetCollection.RegisterAddInFunction() and Cell.Formula/Cell.SetFormula() instead.

Adds ExceptionType.FileCorrupted enum

Represents the type of exception is the file is corrupted.

Adds WarningType.Limitation enum

Represents the warning type is the limitation of Excel.

Adds ShapeGuideCollection.Add(string name, double val) method.

Adds a shape guide.

Adds CellsDataTableFactory class

This class provides apis to create instance of ICellsDataTable from custom objects for user’s convenience.

Adds Workbook.CellsDataTableFactory property

Provide user the CellsDataTableFactory for creating instance of ICellsDataTable from custom objects.

Adds Cell.GetDependentsInCalculation(bool) method

According to current calculation chain, get all cells whose calculated result depends on this cell.

Adds Cell.GetPrecedentsInCalculation() method

According to current calculation chain, get all precedents(reference to cells in current workbook) used by this cell’s formula while calculating it.

Obsoletes Cell.GetLeafs() and Cell.GetLeafs(bool) methods

Please use Cell.GetDependentsInCalculation(bool) method instead.

Adds PivotTable.FormatRow(int row, Style style) method

Format the row data in the pivottable area.

Adds Shapes.CreateId property

Gets creating id of the shape.

Adds WarningType.InvalidData enum

Represents the invalid data type.

Adds overload ChartCollection.Add() method

Adds a chart with data source.

Adds Chart.GetActualSize() method

Gets actual size of chart in unit of pixels.

Obsoletes Chart.ActualChartSize property

Please use Chart.GetActualSize() method instead.

Obsoletes PdfSaveOptions.ImageType property

Chart and Shape are always rendered as vector elements(e.g. point, line) for rendering quality.

Obsoletes ImageOrPrintOptions.ChartImageType property

Chart and Shape are always rendered as vector elements(e.g. point, line) for rendering quality.

Deletes obsolete property ImageOrPrintOptions.ImageFormat property

Please Use ImageOrPrintOptions.ImageType property instead.

Deletes obsolete property ImageOrPrintOptions.IsImageFitToPage property

The property is useless.