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Aspose.Cells for Android via Java 23.6 Release Notes

CELLSJAVA-45230Support to add watermark while rendering to pdfNew Feature
CELLSJAVA-45255Display text from Top to Bottom with CSS “writing-mode”Enhancement
CELLSJAVA-43064Provide option to optimize SVG imagesEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-45455Upgrade depended bouncycastle to v1.68Enhancement
CELLSJAVA-45414Get track changes or revisions of Excel file into PDFEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-45427Support highlingting cells of track change or revision of excel on screenEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-45438Support reading and writing setting of duotone affectEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-45227Aspose.Cells gets stuck saving file as XLSBBug
CELLSJAVA-45241Calculated result of MIRR is not correctBug
CELLSJAVA-45296Aspose Cells does not re-calculate formula for some valuesBug
CELLSJAVA-45223Chart to Image - character and legend height not rendered correctlyBug
CELLSJAVA-45257Scales of the chart are missing in Excel to PDF renderingBug
CELLSJAVA-45054can not switch worksheet for the specified file from customerBug
CELLSJAVA-45229can not load file in GridWeb for the file test.xlsxBug
CELLSJAVA-45231setRowHeightForCSV does not take affect after switch worksheet ,the csv file row height is still smallBug
CELLSJAVA-45251After adjusting the column width, the position of the filter button should also be adjusted in placeBug
CELLSJAVA-45082Wavy line fill is different after saving file to pdfBug
CELLSJAVA-45237Formula display error when saving file to SVGBug
CELLSJAVA-45236Line position error when saving file to SVGBug
CELLSJAVA-45252Incorrect removal of pages during Excel to PDF conversion when using PrintingPageType.IGNORE_BLANK optionBug
CELLSJAVA-45273Some texts are not visible when converting to svgBug
CELLSJAVA-45266Cell content location error when converting to htmlBug
CELLSJAVA-45279Extra white space appears when exporting the file to HTMLBug
CELLSJAVA-45248HTML to Excel: Cannot hold the multiple format at the same timeBug
CELLSJAVA-45304Plot is missing in bar charts when converting xlsx to odsBug
CELLSJAVA-45305Sun shape is converted to a rectangle shape when converting ods to xlsxBug
CELLSJAVA-45308Cell values are not visible for cells having cross-sheet when converting xlsx to odsBug
CELLSJAVA-45259Data loss when converting HTML with lists to XLSXBug
CELLSJAVA-45260HTML to XLSX: Alignment not retainedBug
CELLSJAVA-45271The result file has a different uid when saving a workbook twiceBug
CELLSJAVA-45283PivotArea selection supports other pivot fields type than PivotFieldType.DataBug
CELLSJAVA-45298Colours of pie charts should be preserved when converting xlsx to odsBug
CELLSJAVA-45309The first slice angle of pie chart is not correct when converting excel to odsBug
CELLSJAVA-45310Add OneNote format to FileFormatUtil API to detect the FileFormatTypeBug
CELLSJAVA-45334The data in the text box is out of boundsBug
CELLSJAVA-45336Text is moved when converting grouped autoshapes to pdfBug
CELLSJAVA-45364Vertical text in figure in Excel is slanted when converted to PDFBug
CELLSJAVA-45366Oval shape display error when exporting file to htmlBug
CELLSJAVA-45369Replaced font of text boxes issuesBug
CELLSJAVA-45290Conditional formatting reference rules are not updated fine when copying ranges from one workbook to another workbookBug
CELLSJAVA-45362Error plot is not displayedBug
CELLSJAVA-45363Endless loop when converting charts to imageBug
CELLSJAVA-45239Cell vertical Justification alignment does not take effect when saving to htmlBug
CELLSJAVA-45335Text is misplaced when cell is formatted as number in output htmlBug
CELLSJAVA-45323Removing auto-fit settings on pivot table columns removes the pivot table’s style/formattingBug
CELLSJAVA-45341Charts style is lost when loading old workbook stream and savingBug
CELLSJAVA-45351Format pivot area only includes pivot field subtotalsBug
CELLSJAVA-45374Program stucks on opening XML fileBug
CELLSJAVA-45319Slice angle of pie 3D chart is incorrect when converting file to ODSBug
CELLSJAVA-45402Header row getting included in sorting after applying subtotal and getting wrong resultsBug
CELLSJAVA-45422The calculation result of the FILTER function is incorrectBug
CELLSJAVA-45420Cells text is not center aligned vertically in the generated Emf imageBug
CELLSJAVA-45368Missing part of cell border when converting to HTMLBug
CELLSJAVA-45400Graphic position error converting file to HTMLBug
CELLSJAVA-45386The newly created PivotTable cannot be copied correctly when copying the worksheetBug
CELLSJAVA-45393Support setting style of list column of the tableBug
CELLSJAVA-45417The picture changed in Excel to HTML/image conversionBug
CELLSJAVA-45428Threaded comments converted to normal comments and are aligned in the same positionBug
CELLSJAVA-45437Merging workbooks causes image color lossBug
CELLSJAVA-45406Waterfall chart X-Axis labels are cut off in the output image from copied workbookBug
CELLSJAVA-45451OutOfMemoryError occurred while converting xls to xlsxException
CELLSJAVA-45424Cell.setHtmlString() throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionException
CELLSJAVA-45392An exception is thrown when removing data field from the pivot table.Exception

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Android via Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds XlsbSaveOptions.LightCellsDataProvider property

Allows user to save xlsb file in LightCell mode.

Adds Worksheet.CalculateArrayFormula(…) methods

Allows user to calculate one formula as array formula dynamically without setting it to a cell at first.

Adds CalculationOptions.CharacterEncoding property

Allows user to specify the encoding used for encoding/decoding characters when calculating formulas such as CHAR and CODE function.

Adds EquationNode class and it’s derived classes

Allows users to complete the construction of an equation shape by inserting relevant nodes step by step.

Adds FileFormatType.XHtml and FileFormat.OneNote enums

Represents the xhtml and One Note file format type.

Adds FontConfigs.IsFontAvailable() method

Returnes whether the font is available.

Adds LoadOptions.IgnoreUselessShapes property

Indicates whether ignoring useless shapes in the xlsx files.

Adds PivotArea.OnlyData and OnlyLabel properties.

Represents whether only selecting data or lable for pivot area.

Adds SaveFormat.XHtml enum.

Represents the saving format.

Adds ListObject.PutCellFormula() method

Puts formula to the cells in the table.

Adds VbaProject.Encoding property

Gets and sets the encoding of VBA project in the Excel files.

Adds XmlSaveOptions.SheetNameAsElementName property.

Indicates whether saving sheet name as element name when converting excel to xml data.

Adds XmlSaveOptions.DataAsAttribute property.

Indicates whether saving data as attribute of node when converting excel to xml data.

Changes behavior of ExternalLinkCollection.Clear(bool)/RemoveAt(int,bool) methods

In old versions, when “updateReferencesAsLocal” is true, we only update those references of external names to local names of current workbook. For references of external sheet data, we updated them as “#REF!” always. From 23.5, if there is one worksheet in current workbook with the same sheet name of the external reference, then the reference will be updated to the local sheet too.

Adds Row.iterator(bool reversed, bool sync) method

Provide user the ability of traversing Cell in reversed order.

Obsoletes Cells.getRowEnumerator()

Please use RowCollection.iterator() instead.

Obsoletes Chart.IsReferedByChart() method and adds Chart.IsCellReferedByChart() method

Please use Chart.IsCellReferedByChart() instead.

Adds SeriesLayoutProperties.IsIntervalLeftClosed property

Indicates whether the interval is closed on the left side.

Adds ShapeTextAlignment.IsLockedText property

Indicates whether the text of the shape is locked.

Removes obsoleted ShapeFormat class and Shape.ShapeFormat

Use Shape.Line and Shape.Fill property instead.

Adds ListColumn.TotalsRowLabel property

Gets and sets the label of totals row in the table.

Adds ListObject.PutCellValue(Int32,Int32,Object,Boolean) method

Sets the value to the cell in the table.

Adds PivotAreaType enum and PivotArea.RuleType property

Gets and sets the type of pivot area in the pivot table.

Adds PivotTableFormat class

Represents the format for the PivotTable.

Adds PivotTableFormatCollection class

Represents all formats for the PivotTable.

Adds PivotTable.PivotFormats property

Gets and adds all formats for the PivotTable.

Adds PivotTable.AutofitColumnWidthOnUpdate property

Indicates whether auot fitting column width when refreshing PivotTable.

Adds PivotAreaFilter and PivotAreaFilterCollection class

Represents the filters to select pivot area in the PivotTable.

Adds PivotArea.Filters property

Represents the filters to select pivot area in the PivotTable.

Adds PivotArea.IsRowGrandIncluded and PivotArea.IsColumnGrandIncluded properties

Indicates wehther including row or column grand total into the area.

Adds PivotArea.AxisType property

Gets and sets the region of the PivotTable to which this rule applies.

Adds PivotArea.IsOutline property

Indicates whether the rule refers to the pivot area that is in outline mode.

Adds ImageOrPrintOptions.SetDesiredSize(int desiredWidth, int desiredHeight, bool keepAspectRatio) method

Sets desired width and height of image, and specify whether to keep aspect ratio of origin image.

Obsoletes ImageOrPrintOptions.SetDesiredSize(int desiredWidth, int desiredHeight) method

Please use ImageOrPrintOptions.SetDesiredSize(desiredWidth, desiredHeight, false) instead.

Adds PdfSaveOptions.Watermark property

Gets or sets watermark to output.

Adds RenderingFont and RenderingWatermark classes

For adding watermark to output of rendering.

Adds AutoFitterOptions.ForRendering property

Indicates whether fit for rendering purpose.

Changes definition of EquationNodeParagraph.EquationHorizontalJustificationType

Change from instance variable to property/method access.

Changes behavior of Cells.DeleteBlankRows() method

In old versions, we did not take a row as blank if it intersects some merged cells so it will not be deleted. From 23.6, if one row intersects some merged cells only and has no cell data or other related objects, it will be taken as blank and will be deleted.

Changes behavior of constructing save options with mismatched save format

For constructing specific save options with save format, sometimes user may provide unmatched format as the parameter. In old version the unmatched format may be accepted directly, this may cause ambiguities and even unexpected result. From 23.6, we reset the unmatched save format to a default one which matches the specific save options. Those influenced save options and default format are: OoxmlSaveOptions-xlsx, HtmlSaveOptions-html, OdsSaveOptions-ods, XlsSaveOptions-xls.

Adds RowCollection.iterator(bool reversed, bool sync) method

Provides user the ability of traversing Row objects in the collection in reversed order.

Obsoletes XlsSaveOptions.IsTemplate method

For template file, please create save options by XlsSaveOptions(SaveFormat.Xlt). Otherwise create it by XlsSaveOptions().

Adds ListColumn.GetDataStyle() and ListColumn.SetDataStyle(Style) methods.

Gets and sets the style of the column in the table.

Adds ListObject.PutCellFormula(int,int,string,bool) method.

Sets the formula to table.

Adds RevisionLogCollection.HighlightChanges(HighlightChangesOptions) method and HighlightChangesOptions class.

Exports and highlights all revision logs to a new worksheet.

Adds FileFormatType.GZip enum.

It’s used to detect whether the file is GZip file.