Aspose.Cells for CPP 20.7 Release Notes Linux

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Cells for C++ 20.7 for Linux.

CELLSCPP-6Apply Conditional formatting to the cellsNew Feature
CELLSCPP-7Read/Write Custom Document PropertiesNew Feature
CELLSCPP-8Read/Write Built-in document propertiesNew Feature
CELLSCPP-9Add Hyperlinks to the cellsNew Feature
CELLSCPP-11Support MS Excel ThemesNew Feature
CELLSCPP-12Add and manipulate PivotTables in the spreadsheetsNew Feature
CELLSCPP-13Group rows and columns in the worksheetNew Feature
CELLSCPP-14Add Table/List Object to the worksheetNew Feature
CELLSCPP-20Open/Save XLS, OOXML file formatsNew Feature
CELLSCPP-21Set Styles and Formatting to worksheet cellsNew Feature
CELLSCPP-22Apply data validation to the cellsNew Feature
CELLSCPP-23Set data and Formulas to the cellsNew Feature
CELLSCPP-24Apply Page Setup optionsNew Feature
CELLSCPP-25Filter data by using an AutoFilterNew Feature
CELLSCPP-35Read / Write XLSM file formatNew Feature
CELLSCPP-36Read / Write CSV file formatNew Feature
CELLSCPP-37Read / Write XLSB file formatNew Feature
CELLSCPP-38Create and manipulate Named RangesNew Feature
CELLSCPP-39Read / Write Tab Delimited file formatNew Feature
CELLSCPP-41Calculate formulas in Excel file(s)New Feature