Aspose.Cells for Java V2.0.1 Hotfix Release Notes

We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for Java 2.0.1!

What’s changed:

l Supports to R/W Open Document Spreadsheet file(ODS): Cell data and style, Row/Column style, Merged Cells, Worksheet/Workbook properties, Document properties, Formula/Name.

l Supports to set shared formula.

l Supports to manipulate controls: Check box, Button, Radio button, Combo box, List box, Group box, Scroll bar, spinner, Label.

l Supports Page setup Header(s) and Footer(s) in xls2pdf.

l Supports to copy Chart when copying Worksheet/Workbook

l Supports to copy Shape related objects

l Supports to save worksheet as html to stream

l Supports PivotChart

l Supports to get image data of Picture and OleObject

l Supports to R/W Color theme for 2007 file format

l Supports Encryption type: Microsoft Strong Cryptographic Provider

l 27 fixes and enhancements.

Issues Resolved in Aspose.Cells for Java 2.0.1

Issue IDComponentSummary
6722ODSR/W ODS file
6516HTMLSaves worksheet to stream in html format.
7744XlsR/W encrypted file: Microsoft Strong Cryptographic Provider.
7745XlsRemoves ASeries from NSeries collection.
7572XlsFormula: SUMIF.
7575XlsFormula: ROUND.
7649XlsDataLabels of PivotChart.
7343XlsSets property of OleObject: OleSize.
7408XlsCreates AutoFilter.
7500XlsSaves FillFormat of Area in Chart.
7501XlsTruncates cells that exceeding row/column limit of excel2003 file format.
7502XlsxInserts more than 65k rows.
7509XlsMoves formula when inserting Row/Column.
7442XlsSets color of ASeries’ Area in Chart.
7441XlsChecks datasource when creating PivotTabel.
7439XlsSets bool value for Shape’s properties.
7392XlsConverts numeric text to number for SmartMarker
7334XlsSets active cell of Worksheet.
7342XlsCopies Shape
7186XlsLoses some properties of Chart when reading it from template file.
7187XlsASeries changed improperly after inserting/deleting columns/rows.
6267PdfSupports header and footer.
6511XlsCopies Chart when copy Workbook/Worksheet.
6112XlsSupports controls such as Checkbox, RadioButton, …, and so on.
6606XlsSaves Excel2007 file for Mac OS.