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Aspose.Cells for Java 2.4.2 Release Notes

We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for Java 2.4.2!

What’s changed:

  • Supports array parameters(

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) for setting formulas.

  • Provides support to add linked pictures.
  • Supports to save cells data directly into stream or file without building complete data model in the memory.
  • Check whether the license has been set, includes support to get expiry date of your subscription.
  • Reading/Saving Excel 2007 files operation is enhanced.
  • Chart to Image feature is enhanced.
  • Direct Excel to PDF feature is enhanced.
  • Formatting Cell values feature is enhanced.
  • Reading/Saving Excel 97-2003 files operation is enhanced.
  • 21 fixes and enhancements.

Issues Resolved in Aspose.Cells for Java 2.4.2

Issue IDComponentSummary
20158FormulaFunction INDIRECT is not working properly with named range
20312XlsxRead Excel2007 file
20311ChartEmpty/Invisible cells
20313XlsxRead Excel2007 file
20377XlsAdd linked picture
20404Chart2ImageData Table number format
20439XlsClear comments
20227XlsCheck License
20581XlsConditional formattings
20584XlsSaving xls files
20653Chart2ImageNullPointerException for awt.Font
20137XlsSaving large excel files
20501XlsxSaving large excel files
20845ChartVisibility of Axis and AxisLine
20877XlsDelete columns
18342FormulaArray parameters in formula
18535FormulaArray parameters in formula
18805FormulaArray parameters in formula
20913XlsxSave auto filters
21006ChartChart formatting - Gradient fill lost
20979PdfImage of OleObject