Aspose.Cells for Java 2.5.4 Release Notes

We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for Java v2.5.4!

New Features

25051 - Support advanced auto-filter types: MultipleFilter, DynamicFilter, IconFilter

25742 - Format the whole pivot table or cells in the pivot table report

26627 - Set axis’ properties, such as, Max/Min value as “Automatic”

26655 - Export animated GIF pictures for HTML file

26607 - Support to calculate EOMONTH function


26655 - Import/Export date and border styles for ODS file

27317 - Keep thumbnail of re-saved chart same with the original file when embedding XLS into PPT

27214 - Make pivot field’s items hidden/shown

26626 - Read/Save pivot table styles


27041 - Reading ODS files cause memory issues


26710 - Get an exception when reading form controls from XLSX file

27128 - Handle “NumberFormatException” when reading ODS file whose row index of split pane exceeds the limit of Short

27578 - An exception “IllegalArgumentException” occurred when reading ODS files whose column width definition exceeds Excel file’s limit

27773 - Cope with “ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException” when reading Hyperlinks from ODS file

27780 - Get “NumberFormatException” when rendering PDF file


26563 - Problem with Axis scale in Chart-to-Image feature

27793 - Border style lost when re-saving XLS file

26610 - Calculate EVEN, ODD, ROUNDUP/ROUNDDOWN functions

27445 - X/Y axis scale issue for Chart-to-Image feature

26605 - Calculate HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP/LOOKUP functions

26156 - Problem in calculating SUM function

26986 - Render chart data series for chart2image

26735 - Issue in rendering back color of data labels for Chart-to-Image feature

26600 - Render Exploded Pie Chart for Chart-to-Image feature

27754 - Generated HTML file produce “File not found…” issue

26599 - Problem with rendering grid lines for Chart-to-Image feature

27699 - Making a sheet hidden may cause protection issue

27040 - Issue with reading border style and formulas

26151 - Problem with reading Dates prior to 1900-02-28 from ODS template file

27426 - Issue with reading shapes in the chart

26626 - Refresh/Calculate pivot tables programmatically

26604 - Render series of hidden cells for Chart-to-Image feature

26561 - Problem with right alignment of large numbers for Sheet-to-Image feature

27792 - Save custom Date format in ODS file

27445 - Axis scale issue in Chart-to-Image feature

26666 - Set style of one workbook to the cells in another workbook