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Aspose.Cells for Java 7.0.2 Release Notes

We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for Java v7.0.2!

General Features / Improvements

Support LightCellsDataProvider for saving XLSX files

Support J2SE7.0 version

Enhancements are made for Sheet-to-Image feature

Enhancements are made for Excel-to-PDF feature

All Fixes


30504 - Synchronize value type of the property Cells.StandardHeightPixels

30738 - Support to set worksheet as hidden at runtime even if it is the only sheet in the workbook

29151 - Support Grouping Data feature in Smart Markers

30673 - Support Sorting Data feature in Smart Markers

30809 - Include more format condition types (for Conditional Formatting feature) while saving XLS file

31192 - Support encryption type: RC4, Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider 1.0 128-bit


30733 - Get an exception when using scientific values for Validation’s formula

30748 - Reading encrypted Excel2007 template file causes Exception

30971 - Get an exception for Cell.getStringValue() method

30994 - Get an exception while saving XLSX with LightCells APIs


30616 - Picture lost in XLS-to-PDF feature

30695 - X/YAxis lost in Chart-to-Image feature

30477 - “#NA” values lost in Chart-to-Image feature

30697 - Image was created incorrectly for Pyramid Chart

30776 - Invalid PDF file was generated by XLS-to-PDF feature

28545 - Cell’s value was not rendered correctly with “shrink to fit” property

30777 - Text was aligned to center instead of left in the resultant PDF file

30911 - TextBox.setHtmlText() did not parse rich text correctly

30479 - Extra bracket was added for cell value in the generated PDF file

30899 - Scaled value of the newly added picture was changed in saved XLS file

30972 - Content of the Textbox was not rendered correctly in PDF file

31050 - Cell.getStringValue() did not give the correct double value

31007 - Formulas was shown as “#NAME” in the generated XLS file

31194 - MROUND formula was not calculated correctly

31147 - Formula was calculated as “#VALUE” -1

31237 - Formula was calculated as “#VALUE” -2

31005 - Parentheses were lost for the negative values in the generated PDF file

31312 - ROUND formula was calculated incorrectly