Aspose.Cells for Java 7.3.0 Release Notes

We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for Java v7.3.0!

What’s New

  • Read and Write MHT files
  • Supports XML maps
  • Apply MS Excel 2007/2010 themes to charts

Other notable features, enhancements and fixesare given below.

New Features

– Supports settings for Transition Formula Evaluation


  • Format cell values with user specifiedlocale


  • Unsupported font files may cause saving toPDF failed with exception


  • Cell.setR1C1Formula() method did not workcorrectly without column offset
  • Named range was created twice
  • sortNames() method causedexception when saving anXLSM file
  • Number was not formatted correctly forfraction
  • Blank PDF generated forPrintOrderType.OVER_THEN_DOWN
  • Background color and grids are incorrectin the generated PDF
  • Intercept and Slope functions were notcalculated correctly
  • Remove 33k limit of Pivot field items forExcel 2007 file formats
  • Notation 1:1 is not supported in IFfunction
  • DATEDIF formula was calculatedincorrectly
  • Incorrect lookup of cells in case ofnamed row