Aspose.Cells for Java 7.7.1 Release Notes

Aspose.Cells for Java has been updated to version 7.7.1 and we are pleased to announce this release brings the addition of over 20 new useful improvements. Using Aspose.Cells for Java you can work with XLS, SpreadsheetML, OOXML, XLSB, CSV, HTML, ODS, PDF, XPS and other formats in your applications. You can also generate, modify, convert, render and print workbooks all without using Microsoft Excel. Visit the documentation to learn how to get started with Aspose.Cells for Java. Note this download contains a fully working version of the product, however without a license set it will run in evaluation mode with some limitations. To test Aspose.Cells without these evaluation limitations you can request a free 30-day temporary license. The following is a list of changes in this version of Aspose.Cells for Java.

Major Features

Supports reading large files with LightCells Refactor reading and writing pivot table of xlsb

Minor Features

New Features

(CELLSJAVA-40409) - Reading large template files with LightCells (CELLSJAVA-40269) - Reading large template files with LightCells (CELLSJAVA-40696) - ActiveX Support (Read ActiveX controls such as, buttons) (CELLSJAVA-40372) - ActiveX Support (Read ActiveX controls such as, buttons) (CELLSJAVA-40373) - Distinguish between ActiveX Picture or Normal Picture


(CELLSJAVA-40688) - Unable to set default column width (CELLSJAVA-40391) - Using Aspose in an OSGi Environment (CELLSJAVA-40418) - How to set quality in saved Charts

Other Improvements and Changes


(CELLSJAVA-40700) - Negative value becomes positive after calculate (CELLSJAVA-40668) - Header content is getting distorted in the output PDF file (CELLSJAVA-40695) - XLSX to PDF: Result does not have Left & Right Margins (CELLSJAVA-40698) - Issue with PivotTable (Change the Filter to other value or label) (CELLSJAVA-40671) - Cell.getDisplayStyle() does not return correct color for Top 10 conditional formatting (CELLSJAVA-40655) - Alignment of text in shape gets changed from center to left (CELLSJAVA-40572) - Bookmark was created for the blank sheet even though the sheet itself was not present in the output PDF (CELLSJAVA-40548) - Charter header missing after xlsx saved to PDF file (CELLSJAVA-40564) - Data loss when excel file is converted to pdf (CELLSJAVA-40702) - Pivot table is not getting refreshed properly (CELLSJAVA-40704) - Value changes after calculation in xlsb file (CELLSJAVA-40701) - Data Loss and Incorrect label alignment when excel is converted to PDF (CELLSJAVA-40518) - Image in heading rows only appearing on first page in PDF (CELLSJAVA-40239) - Incorrect formula processing (CELLSJAVA-40703) - The shape was not transparent in the output pdf


(CELLSJAVA-40697) - Aspose.cells throws an Exception when copying a chart made in Excel 2013 (CELLSJAVA-40706) - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on opening the file (CELLSJAVA-40422) - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on opening the file

Note Since the code base of Aspose.Cells for Java matches the code of relevant .NET version, most of the changes, enhancements and fixes included in the Aspose.Cells for .NET v7.7.1 are also included in this Aspose.Cells for Java v7.7.1.