Aspose.Cells for Java 23.12 Release Notes

CELLSJAVA-45737Support MAKEARRAY functionNew Feature
CELLSJAVA-45705Support json as data source of smart markerNew Feature
CELLSJAVA-45750Retrieve “Style Includes” informationNew Feature
CELLSJAVA-45759Improve the performance of calculating shared formulas recursivelyEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-45679Different behavior of XLSX and XLSB files for MaxRow and MaxColumn attributes when using in LightCells APIsBug
CELLSJAVA-45707VLOOKUP function calculation gets an error valueBug
CELLSJAVA-45710Incorrect value obtained after IRR function calculationBug
CELLSJAVA-45713Endless loop with “CalculateFormula” methodBug
CELLSJAVA-45721NumberValue formula not workingBug
CELLSJAVA-45725Error in file data saved after calling formula calculationBug
CELLSJAVA-45608XLSX to PNG: Charts text wrap and Y axisBug
CELLSJAVA-45627Excessive memory consumption when converting file to PDFBug
CELLSJAVA-45703Chart title missing when converting file to pdfBug
CELLSJAVA-45724Issue with the display of the circular chart legend after XLSX is converted to HTMLBug
CELLSJAVA-45752Data labels (percentages) are incorrect in the generated HTML for 3-D Pie chartBug
CELLSJAVA-45700Excel to PDF conversion - Some text is blocked by the pictureBug
CELLSJAVA-45706Sparkline overlaps cell text while converting to SvgBug
CELLSJAVA-45731Text is truncated when converting the file to PDFBug
CELLSJAVA-45733File pagination error when converting file to PDFBug
CELLSJAVA-45741Emf image is lost while converting workbook to pdfBug
CELLSJAVA-45274Some texts are not visible when converting to htmlBug
CELLSJAVA-45686Aspose.Cells 23.10: Changing hidden cells visibility does not workBug
CELLSJAVA-45687Images getting shrunk when converting HTML to Excel workbookBug
CELLSJAVA-45701Fonts are getting changed for the data in cells for excel where hyperlinks are presentBug
CELLSJAVA-45704Extra whitespace was generated between charts when converting the file to HTMLBug
CELLSJAVA-45709Some digits show dislocation when saving file to htmlBug
CELLSJAVA-45714Text position error when converting file to HTMLBug
CELLSJAVA-45739The picture lost after converting XLSX to to HTMLBug
CELLSJAVA-43383GETPIVOTDATA is not working when using field groupingBug
CELLSJAVA-45685Regression: Getting incorrect value in file explorer Preview Mode for PivotBug
CELLSJAVA-45708Smart markers can’t get correct layout when setting line by line replacement to falseBug
CELLSJAVA-45719Regression: filters are not getting refreshedBug
CELLSJAVA-45720After pivotTable.refreshData the file is corruptedBug
CELLSJAVA-45734calculateData throws java.lang.NullPointerExceptionBug
CELLSJAVA-45743Partial data becomes garbled after converted from xls to xlsxBug
CELLSJAVA-45728Waterfall chart X-Axis labels are cut off when chart width is decreasedBug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds PdfCompliance.Pdf2b, Pdf2u, Pdf2a, Pdf3b, Pdf3u, Pdf3a enum

Supports to render to Pdf format compatible with PDF/A-2b,2u,2a(ISO 19005-2) and PDF/A-3b,3u,3a(ISO 19005-2).

Obsoletes Axis.AxisLabels property and adds Axis.GetAxisTexts() method

Please use Axis.GetAxisTexts() method instead.

Obsoletes Cells.MergedCells property and adds Cells.GetMergedAreas() method

Use Cells.GetMergedAreas() method instead.

Obsoletes Comment.GetCharacters() method and adds Comment.GetRichFormattings() method

Use Comment.GetRichFormattings() method instead.

Obsoletes Shape.GetCharacters() method and adds Shape.GetRichFormattings() method

Use Shape.GetRichFormattings() method instead.

Obsoletes PivotField.GetPivotFilters() method and adds PivotField.GetFilters() method

Use PivotField.GetFilters() method instead.

Obsoletes Range.Union() method and adds Range.UnionRange() method

Use Range.UnionRange() method instead.

Adds WorkbookDesigner.SetJsonDataSource() method

Sets json string as data source of smart markers.

Adds Style.IsNumberFormatApplied property

Indicates whether number format is applied.

Adds Style.IsFontApplied property

Indicates whether font format is applied.

Adds Style.IsAlignmentApplied property

Indicates whether alignment format is applied.

Adds Style.IsBorderApplied property

Indicates whether border format is applied.

Adds Style.IsFillApplied property

Indicates whether fill format is applied.

Adds Style.IsProtectionApplied property

Indicates whether protection format is applied.

Adds PptxSaveOptions.IgnoreHiddenRows property

Indicates whether ignore hidden rows when converting Excel to PowerPoint

Adds PptxSaveOptions.AdjustFontSizeForRowType property

Represents what type of line needs to be adjusted size of font if height of row is small.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.IsJsBrowserCompatible property

Indicates whether JavaScript is compatible with browsers that do not support JavaScript.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.IsMobileCompatible property

Indicates whether the output HTML is compatible with mobile devices.