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Aspose.Cells for Java 23.3 Release Notes

CELLSJAVA-45149Modify the logic of generating a ‘group’ object from the smartart objectNew Feature
CELLSJAVA-45172Support loadoption for GridWebEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-45173Support margins of img tag when loading htmlEnhancement
CELLSJAVA-45110Converted image is not same as MS Excel.Bug
CELLSJAVA-45190Calculated field values are not retrieved by the getCalculatedValue() function.Bug
CELLSJAVA-45056Chart to Image - character and legend height not rendered correctlyBug
CELLSJAVA-45089Converted PDF is showing diagram labels at different location and incorrect Axis pointsBug
CELLSJAVA-45141Data labels missing from chart in copied workbook in v23Bug
CELLSJAVA-45178When converting xlsx to html, the program will prompt that the starting cell of the Chart object has invalid ‘}’ contentBug
CELLSJAVA-45195Series Line is missing in a Scatter chartBug
CELLSJAVA-45054Can not switch worksheet for the specified file from customerBug
CELLSJAVA-45143CSV file not same with WPS fileBug
CELLSJAVA-45072The converted PDF by Aspose.Cells from MS Excel file could not be read normally with iTextBug
CELLSJAVA-45200Showing “#” for numbers in the converted PDFBug
CELLSJAVA-45159Text is not center aligned while rendering to png imageBug
CELLSJAVA-41794HTML is wrong when some rows are hiddenBug
CELLSJAVA-45189Select pivot data field of a pivot table to apply format onBug
CELLSJAVA-45197Formatting issues in HTML to Excel conversionBug
CELLSJAVA-45051Password not working when opening LibreOffice Calc file (ODS)Exception
CELLSJAVA-44070Exception “Invalid end row index” in CSV to PDF renderingException
CELLSJAVA-45107An exception IllegalArgumentException is generated when exporting files to htmlException

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds CalculationOptions.LinkedDataSources property

Allows user to set linked data sources for external links used in formula for calculation.

Obsoletes SvgSaveOptions class

Please use ImageSaveOptions class instead.

Obsoletes SvgSaveOptions() constructor

Please use ImageSaveOptions(SaveFormat.Svg) instead and set ImageSaveOptions.ImageOrPrintOptions.OnePagePerSheet to true.

Obsoletes SvgSaveOptions.SheetIndex property

Please use ImageSaveOptions.ImageOrPrintOptions.SheetSet instead.

Adds StyleModifyFlag.FontVerticalText enum

Indicates whether text is vertical aligned.

Adds WarningType.InvalidOperator enum

Represents the invalid operator of warning when operating Excel files.

Supports setting Row.GroupLevel and Column.GroupLevel properties

Supports setting group level of rows and columns.

Obsoletes HtmlLoadOptions.ConvertFormulasData and adds HtmlLoadOptions.HasFormula properties

Please use HtmlLoadOptions.HasFormula instead.

Obsoletes PivotGlobalizationSettings.GetTextOfProtection() and adds PivotGlobalizationSettings.GetTextOfProtectedName(String) methods

Please use PivotGlobalizationSettings.GetTextOfProtectedName(String) instead.

Adds Chart.IsReferedByChart(Int32,Int32) method

Indicates whether this cell is refered by the chart.

Adds PasteOptions.IgnoreLinksToOriginalFile property

Do not link to the original file when copying range.

Adds PivotArea,PivotTableSelectionType and PivotTable.Format(Pivot.PivotArea,Style)

Select the area and format it of the PivotTable.

Adds SheetSet.Active property

Gets a set with active sheet of the workbook.