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Aspose.Grid for .Net 1.9.3 Release Notes

Dear Customers, We have just released Aspose.Grid v1.9.3!

Introduction This new version includes all the new features and fixes since v1.9.2

What’s New? Aspose.Grid.Web1. Supports Microsoft AJAX extention for .NET 2.0. You may use the GridWeb with the AJAX extention web control “UpdatePanel”.2. Supports TAB, SHIFT-TAB navigating.3. New class CellImage. Use WebWorksheet.CellImages object to create a CellImage.4. New method: WebCells.DeleteRows and WebCells.InsertRows, improved performance of deleting or inserting multiple lines of the sheet.5. New property GridWeb.SessionMode, the old GridWeb.EnableSession is obsoleted.6. New client side grid initializing event: OnGridInitClientFunction.7. New client side method: getSelectedCells8. Modified behavior: Totally hides the column when the column’s width is set to zero.9. Modified behavior: When GridWeb.ForceValidation is set to false, the grid does not validate input before postback.

What’s Improved? Aspose.Grid.Web1. Greatly improved databinding performance.2. Enhanced the space and newline characters processing in the cells.

What’s Fixed? Aspose.Grid.Web1. Fixed the problem that when using AutoFilter feature, the filter buttons do not move to the correct position after a column resizing.2. Fixed the parameter order issue of the “ATAN2” function.3. Fixed the Firefox/Mozilla displaying problem when in XHTML rendering mode.4. Fixed the Hyperlink color problem. Now the hyperlink’s color will be the same as the cell’s.5. Fixed the problem that the hierachical view wrong displays in XhtmlMode.6. Fixed the problem of pasting data cells from MS-Excel.7. Fixed a formula null pointer problem in multi-user envrionment.8. Fixed a problem with FreezePane feature.

Aspose.Grid.Desktop1. Fixed the problem of Cell Merging and Freezing.